GSR18V-535FC Bosch 18V FlexiClick Cordless Power Tool Reviews

Bosch 18V FlexiClick Multi-Head Drill Driver System GSR18V-535FC

The Bosch 18V FlexiClick follows on the heels of their handy 12V version. It has some of the same heads but an optional SDS-Plus rotary hammer head, Bluetooth connection, and Kickback Control set it apart from its compact brother.

10-Second Summary

  • Model Number: Bosch GSR18V-535FC
  • Brushless motor
  • 535 in-lbs of torque
  • Right angle drill, offset angle, and 1/2 drill attachments included
  • Optional SDS-Plus rotary hammer attachment
  • Kickback control
  • Bluetooth connectivity to Bosch Toolbox app
  • MSRP:$299


It’s All About the Attachments

Bosch 18V FlexiClickYou’ll get three attachments with the kit that match what you get in the 12V kit: right angle, offset angle, and 1/2″ drill. The right angle and offset heads can lock into 16 different positions to get the angle of attack you need.

The base tool can also hold a 1/4″ bit as a stubby drill/driver.

The big change (other than the voltage) is that there’s an optional SDS-Plus rotary hammer attachment. A minor one is that you can’t put other attachments on the right angle head.

But There’s Some Other Cool Stuff

The Bosch 18V FlexiClick integrates Kickback Control into the system. It’s a sensor that stops the motor if it senses a bind up to reduce the chances you’ll wrench your wrist or elbow.

You can also add a GCY30-4 module to the drill. After downloading the Bosch Toolbox App, you have access to tool feedback and customize your settings. There’s no word yet how much control you’ll have over the tool, but we’ll be sure to dig deeper when we get the tool in our hands.


We’re still waiting on a full specification list, but we do know the Bosch 18V FlexiClick has 535 in-lbs of torque. That puts it in the compact 18V class and makes a lot of sense. The goal of several of these attachments is to let you drill and drive in awkward spaces. Going with the more compact size lets you get into spots that a heavy-duty drill can’t.

Bosch is going to kick this model with a 4.0 Ah Core18V battery. It’s a move that will give you a power boost over 18650 packs and still keep the weight down with a slim pack.



You’re looking at $299 for the kit with three attachments and one battery ($399 for our friends in Canada). There’s no word yet on how much the SDS-Plus rotary hammer head is so far. The only direct competition for the Bosch 18V FlexiClick is its 12V compact brother ($199) and Festool’s PDC 18/4 or T 18+3. Both Festool sets will set you back $660 to get a kit with two batteries and the full range of attachments.

Bosch 18V FlexiClick Specs

  • Model Number: Bosch GSR18V-535FC
  • Chuck: 1/2″
  • Torque: 535 in-lbs
  • Length w/ attachments: 5.5″
  • Rating: Core 18V Platform
  • MSRP: $299





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Bummer, no C18 (Festool) style body. Also a bummer, the right angle chuck wasn’t designed like the 12V chucks — stackable. Far more useful than an SDS option (at least to me). Nice price though.