Klein Redesigns Fish Tape Line Across the Board

New Klein Fish Tape Designs Increase Efficiency and Ease of Use

Just in time for the new year, the new 2019 Klein line of fish tape reels in a string of new improvements to make wire pulling easier for electricians. And because it has all come about because of feedback from tradespeople, Klein assures us to expect better efficiency and durability on the jobsite.

10-Second Summary

  • All models:
    • New housing design improves grip and leverage, reduces binding
    • Payout angle has been improved
    • Multi-position handle gives a steady grip for pulling or rewinding
  • Steel fish tapes:
    • High-carbon steel fish tapes feature 1/8″ width long runs and large pulls
    • New protective coating to guard against moisture
    • Double-loop creates a snag-resistant end
  • Fiberglass fish tapes:
    • S-Glass tapes have improved pushing power while maintaining low friction
    • Multiple grooves molded into the tape design for better flexibility and less friction
    • 7″ spiral steel leader or…
    • … Non-conductive nylon tip that’s narrower and chamfered

Klein on the New Fish Tape Line

“Our goal in redesigning Klein Tools’ fish tape line was to make every model excel on the job site, based on feedback we collected from end users in the field. Utilizing a durable, high carbon steel, we were able to achieve smoother payout and improved durability to withstand drops, so now the materials and ergonomics match jobsite needs better than ever.”

— Aaron Holcomb, product manager at Klein Tools

What Can We Expect?

The first thing to remember is that the whole catalog of Klein Fish Tape has been redesigned, starting with the housing. The newly redesigned housing promises to improve your grip and your leverage, and it reduces the amount of binding you’ll experience when rewinding.

Because the payout angle has been optimized on all new fish tapes, actually paying out tape should be easier as well.

The handle design now features a multi-position grip that lets you get a solid grip on the handle while pulling or rewinding the tape.

Klein Redesigns Fish Tape Line Across the Board

Steel Tape Upgrades

As far as the steel tapes go, Klein now uses a stronger high-carbon steel with a 1/8″ width for firm-but-flexible use in longer runs and larger pulls. This high carbon steel features a protective coating that resists moisture and corrosion. Klein tells us that this coating feels dry to the touch without any oily finish.

The double loop on some steel fish tape models creates a strong, snag-resistant end.

Fiberglass Tape Upgrades

Klein’s fiberglass offerings get their own upgrades as well. Strong S-Glass fiberglass promises better pushing power while maintaining low-friction maneuverability.

Some of the new fiberglass models feature multiple grooves molded into the tape, reducing friction, increasing flexibility, and maintaining strength.

Some of the new fiberglass fish tapes offer a durable and flexible 7″ spiral steel leader, while others feature an updated non-conductive nylon tip with a narrow, chamfered design. This tip is easier to feed and also resists snags when pulling.

Thoughts on Klein Fish Tape Upgrades

This is a major overhaul for Klein’s fish tape lineup with significant upgrades. With competition from Milwaukee’s new design and Southwire’s SIMPull, our electricians are stoked for one of the most well-known brands in the industry to step up their game.

It’s easy to focus on the tape itself since that’s where the friction is on the pull.

 New Klein Fish Tapes

  • Stainless Steel Fish Tape, 1/8″ x 125′ (Catalog No. 56340): $74.95
  • Stainless Steel Fish Tape, 1/8″ x 240′ (Catalog No. 56341): $99.95
  • Steel Fish Tape, 1/8″ x 50′ (Catalog No. 56331): $16.97
  • Steel Fish Tape, 1/8″ x 120′ (Catalog No. 56333): $44.97
  • Steel Fish Tape, 1/8″ x 240′ (Catalog No. 56334): $74.97
  • Fiberglass Fish Tape with Spiral Steel Leader, 50′ (Cat. No. 56350): $134.95
  • Fiberglass Fish Tape with Sprial Steel Leader, 100′ (Cat. No. 56351): $179.95
  • Multi-Groove Fiberglass Fish Tape with Spiral Steel Leader, 100′ (Cat. No. 56380): $134.95
  • Multi-Groove Fiberglass Fish Tape with Nylon Tip, 50′ (Cat. No. 56382): $84.95
  • Multi-Groove Fiberglass Fish Tape with Nylon Tip, 100′ (Cat. 56383): $114.95

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