Walls 832 Move It Pants Review

Walls 832 Move it Pants
PTR Review
  • Pro Review 9.0

For light- to medium-duty work environments, Walls 832 Move it Pants are one of the most comfortable and functional pants you can buy.

Overall Score 9.0 (out of 10)

Who loves shopping for workwear? If you’re used to stiff, heavy clothing that can stand up to the jobsite with all the style of a kindergartener’s drawing, your hand is probably still down. The great thing about the current trend in workwear is that you can kiss those archaic thoughts goodbye – if you know where to look. Take the new Walls 832 Move it Pants for example. They have a different material blend than you typically see and you might just enjoy wearing them.

As always, we don’t want to take the manufacturer’s word for it, so let’s see if they live up to our Pro expectations.

How Well Do These Pants Fit?

Ever get really excited about a new shirt, jacket, or pant only to have it fit incorrectly? It can tarnish you impressions right off the bat, even though you’re only a return away from a good fit. No one wants the inconvenience, so it’s better to get it right the first time.

I wear a size 36 x 34 jean, so I was a little concerned to see that the Walls 832 only has 30″ and 32″ inseam options. However, the crotch in these pants sits lower than most jeans, and a 36 x 32 is a perfect fit for me with the bottom giving me roughly 3/4″ to the heel of my shoe. Walls recommends 30″ for medium heights and 32″ for tall and that’s a pretty solid guideline.

Walls 832 Pants Construction

Workwear just isn’t workwear without real function. That means they have to be tough and carry what we need to carry.

Polyester isn’t known for its durability in clothing, but that’s one of the reasons the majority of the blend is still cotton. There’s no ripstop stitching, so you can still do some damage like you would other work pants. However, they don’t seem overly vulnerable to everyday wear and tear over other cotton pants.

Walls 832 Move it Pants

The entire pant has double-needle stitching with triple in areas more susceptible to wear.

Pockets and Loops

When it comes to your pockets, there are several talking points. You get two deep front pockets to work with. Both sides feature reinforcement from extra material where you normally clip your pen or knife. That’s really nice to have since it’s the place that I start to wear out most of my pants quickest. On the right, there’s also an upper pocket. Normally, it’s not good for holding much, but this one is wider and deeper so you might actually get some use out of it.

Inside the front right pocket, you’ll find material separating it. Not everyone uses this, but I find it handy during the winter when I’m carrying around a tube of Chapstick and want to keep it separate from my keys.

To the side of the front right, there’s a side entry pocket. The Dickies Pro Cordura pants have a similar pocket, but their’s just has a hook and loop strap closure that isn’t very secure. The Walls 832 has a metal YKK zipper meaning that you can use it more easily for your wallet or phone.

Walls 832 Move it Pants

On the left, there’s a tool loop to work with.

Walls 832 Move it Pants

Around the back, you get rear pockets that are a little deeper than normal jeans and have a hook and loop flap to secure them.

Walls 832 Move it Pants


One of the big claims for the Walls Move it Pants is that they’re comfortable right out of the box. Similar to the Dickies Flex Tough Max Jeans, they use a blend of 59% cotton, 39% polyester, and 2% spandex for materials. This gives them a softer feel, stretch, and freedom of movement you won’t find in 100% cotton pants. And yes, they’re comfortable before they ever go in for their first wash.

Walls 832 Move it Pants

Between the two, I’ll give the Dickies Flex a slight nod in comfort. But that might also have more to do with the denim vs duck weave. There’s also a little more stretch in the Dickies waistband (AKA wiggle room during the holidays). Regardless, the Walls 832 is impressively comfortable and lightweight.

Walls 832 Move it Pants


The Walls Move it Pants come as a relaxed fit style – definitely my preferred cut. Overall, the pants look very good and sit naturally whether you’re standing, sitting, or moving. I dinged the Dickies Flex jeans in style points because they just didn’t seem to sit quite as naturally as my favorite jeans (those would be the Dickies X-Series, by the way).

That’s not the case with the Walls 832. Perhaps it’s the duck weave, but these look more natural to me.

Walls 832 Move it Pants

Your colors are limited to darker browns and a graphite option. Those colors do well to hide some of the debris we pick up on the jobsite but aren’t really the first choice for a lunch date with your wife.


Walls 832 Move it Pants run $59.99 direct from the Walls website or Amazon with free shipping. That’s a reasonable price for a quality pair of work pants. The construction and function of the pants warrant it. And with excellent comfort the first time you wear them, you’re not likely to experience any buyer’s remorse.

The Bottom Line

Walls 832 Move it Pants definitely meet Walls’ claims of being comfortable and moving easily. They’re flexible and have a lot of thought in ensuring the pockets are functional for work. While the stitching quality is high enough for the jobsite, these are a fairly lightweight pant, so they’re going to be best for light- to medium-duty work environments. Like other lightweight pants, they’re vulnerable to punctures and subsequent tearing on rougher jobsite. For $59.99, give these a shot to see that you really can have a comfortable pair of work pants.

Walls 832 Move it Pants Features

  • A durable but flexible pant that moves with you no matter the job at hand.
  • Relaxed fit
  • Learn More
  • Relaxed fit, Double and triple needle stitching for durability, Back patch pockets, Side zippered pocket, Tool loop
  • 59% cotton 39% polyester 2% spandex

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