Wilton SHR Strut and Threaded Rod Shear

Wilton SHR Shear

Wilton Makes Simple, Safe Cuts to Strut, Threaded Rod, and More

The Wilton SHR Shear makes cutting Unistrut, Powerstrut, B-Line, Superstrut, back-to-back strut, and threaded rod safer and simpler. Unlike cutting with abrasives or saws, the Wilton SHR leaves you with a burr-free cut that you can install straight away.

What’s the Big Deal?

The Wilton SHR Strut and Threaded Rod Cutter sets up easily due to its compact size. It makes clean, fast cuts in metals that often take a little bit of time to both cut and clean up afterward. Insert the appropriate blade sets, and the SHR can tackle 1-5/8″ and 13/16″ strut, back-to-back, deep only, and Cooper B-Line 4D21 and 4D22 strut. They also make a single blade set available that lets you shear 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, and 5/8″ threaded rod.

Cuts happen in around 3 seconds—and you don’t have to worry about deburring or any other secondary operation.

Wilton SHR Shear 30-ton cutter

But, while the Wilton SHR Shear makes cutting strut and threaded rod a snap with its 30-ton hydraulic cylinder, it’s not the only game in town. We’ve also seen a similar design before in the Greenlee Shear 30T.

Where the Wilton model distinguishes itself from the Greenlee 30T is in its compact frame. The Greenlee sits atop a portable rolling cart and works better as an all-in-one solution. It includes everything needed, including the power source.

The design of the Wilton SHR Shear seems more compact but requires a separate 10,000-psi hydraulic power source. For those with a hydraulic power source handy, the top handle on the Wilson makes it easy to pick and place the Wilton SHR Cutter anywhere you need it.

Other Wilton SHR Shear Features

  • Requires 10,000 PSI hydraulic power source/pump (not included)
  • Includes two support rods with 17″ measurement scale from backstop to cut
  • Measuring system to easily monitor cut lengths
  • No mess and no spark means increased safety and maximum productivity
  • Portable
  • Precision-machined ductile iron frame
  • Produces clean straight cuts every time
  • Quick blade set change requires no extra tools
  • Quick coupler connects to any 10,000 psi power supply
  • Single blade set available for shearing 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ and 5/8″ threaded rod
  • Standard blade set shears 1-5/8″ and 7/8″ strut
  • Support rods can be replaced with standard 1″ O.D. pipe for longer shearing applications


The Wilton SHR Strut and Threaded Rod Shear is available now. It retails for $1,999.

For more information about the Wilton SHR Strut and Threaded Rod Shear, check out Wilton Tools by clicking here.

Wilton SHR Strut and Threaded Rod Shear Specs

  • Model: Wilton WACF-3017
  • Deep Strut: 1-5/8 x 1-5/8 in.
  • Shallow Strut: 1-5/8 x 13/16 in.
  • Width: 17-1/32 in.
  • Maximum Capacity: 12 Ga. Mild Steel
  • Cylinder: 30 Tons
  • Stroke: 1 in.
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: $1,999

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