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Craftsman Professional 10-inch Jobsite Saw

Craftsman Professional Table Saw

In 2010 it will be mandatory for all table saws to have riving knives in order to meet UL approval. Craftsman, while not the first to do so, has added theirs early and done it in a way thatreally makes for some seriously advantageous upgrades to an already decent table saw. The new Craftsman Professional Jobsite Table Saw has a lot of the power and features of a full-size table saw, but in a much more compact and portable design. Regarding portability, a telescoping handle and 6-inch wheels ensures that you can roll this saw around like a piece of luggage.

Craftsman 12V Hammerhead Auto (Cordless) Hammer

Craftsman Hammerhead 12V Auto Hammer

Craftsman let us try out their 12V lithium-ion Hammerhead Auto Hammer. If you’ve ever pounded a nail into oblivion, you know that a magical tool that did it for you would be a god-send. Well, the auto-hammer is the first of its kind in the marketplace and aims to change the way consumers hammer nails. The hammerhead is hose- and cord-free and uses the power of a 12 Volt Lithium-ion battery to pound nails up to 3.5-in. in length with the press of a trigger. Coming in at just under 30 ounces, the Hammerhead Auto Hammer is a bit heavier than your typical 20-22 ounce framing hammer, but it didn’t feel unwieldy during use.

Rockwell 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Combo Kit

Rockwell 18V Cordless Drill Combo Kit

In addition to participating in Rockwell’s new Free Batteries for Life program, the new Lithium Ion tools have a compact design, are lightweight, and feature high torque capability and a fast charge time. The new kit includes an 18-volt 1/2-in. drill/driver (#RK2810K2) and an 18-volt, impact driver (#RK2800K2). It also includes an 18-volt lithium-ion battery pack (#RW9161), and 18-volt lithium-ion charger (#RW9162).

Iron Dog Tool Gear

Iron Dog Tool Gear

Iron Dog Tool Gear offer amazing quality and a unique ability to set up your work belt rig the way you want it. With their Versa Clip system, you can configure your gear on the move using the many clip points located on the belt and the bags. Beyond the ability to configure your tool belt, you can now actually get the right size and type of pouch you need. With a vast array of sizes, styles, and tool specific pouches and holders you now will be able to have a place for everything and everything in its place.

Evolution RAGE 4 Multipurpose Saw

Evolution RAGE 4 Multipurpose Circular Saw

The Evolution Power Tool RAGE4 is a multipurpose saw that is more portable then a cut off saw and easier to use than a hacksaw. The RAGE4 Advan-Saw will easily cut Steel, Aluminum, Wood and Plastic, using just a single blade. With the Evolution RAGE technology, cuts are fast and clean. No coolant is required when cutting steel and yet the edges are left burr free with no heat build up so the material is instantly workable and there are very few sparks produced during the cut.

Goldblatt BladeRunner Drywall Cutter

Goldblatt Blade Runner Drywall Cutting Tool

We ran into Scott Murray of Goldblatt Tool Company who was showing off their new Bladerunner Drywall Cutter. What makes this tool unique and special is that it uses proprietary blades and a magnetic grip to cut both sides of the drywall at the same time. After the cut, it’s just a snap of the board and you’re done. It was kind of hard to believe that the tool actually worked. After trying ti a few times I can say that it’s one of the more innovative tools I’ve seen in a while. With practice it might just end up pushing your drywall knife out of the tool bag.

Flair-It Plus Plastic PEX Fitting Assembly Tool

Flair It Plus PEX Fitting Assembly Tool

We met with a representative of Flair-It Plus who demonstrated to us a new tool for joining PEX tubing to an all-new range of plastic fittings. The tool is going to be priced at under $50 and will be available later this year. What’s exciting is that it eliminates all brass fittings and seems perfect for markets such as California, Nevada and other states which have extremely corrosive water and eat brass fittings quickly.