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How to Build a DIY Wood Address Planter

How to Build a DIY Wood Address Planter

I wanted to add some curb appeal to my front entrance. The concept of a DIY wood address planter came to mind as it takes only a few materials and a short time to build. With this quick and easy How-To build project, you can take an afternoon to complete the entire project. Tools Needed […]

laundry room makeover

Laundry Room Makeover for Under $200

You could have tons of reasons for wanting a laundry room makeover. In my case, I was in heavy nesting mode. I’d hoped to get to the laundry room before my baby arrived in April, and nothing kicks your butt into gear like being unable to fit between the open machine doors and the clothes […]

DIY pet feeder station

DIY Pet Feeder Station with Food Storage

This one goes out to all of those “quarantine” adoption animals. We just got our new puppy and I wanted to tackle a DIY pet feeder station. I need a solution that would: Allow the kids to easily access food so they could help feed the puppy Look good in a central location in the […]

spooky halloween tree kids trick treat

DIY Spooky Halloween Tree Project

Some of my favorite memories as a kid are of visiting my godparents’ house for Halloween. Their house is nestled underneath a canopy of old live oaks draped with Spanish moss, which was the perfect setting for the Halloween extravaganza they’d host each year. They didn’t need a DIY spooky Halloween tree—they had several real […]

DIY floating shelf tutorial

DIY Floating Shelf Tutorial | How to Do It Yourself

I love our house, but from the moment we bought it, the focal wall in our family room proved to be a design challenge. First of all, it’s massive. Secondly, there are steps on either side of the room, which are only about a foot from the wall. This meant that when we tried to […]

DIY loft bed with desk

Making a DIY Loft Bed with Desk

I was well into my second trimester and already hitting the “nesting” phase of pregnancy. I had an overwhelming urge to get my house in order before the baby arrived, and I had a handful of projects to knock out before then. Let’s call this DIY loft bed with desk project “Nesting with Power Tools”. […]

Liberty womens bib overalls

Liberty Womens Bib Overalls Review

For the woman looking for a pair of overalls as tough as you are, look no further than the Liberty Womens Bib Overalls. Liberty cuts these specifically to fit women. The company seems to pride itself on manufacturing tough, durable, reliable workwear. So far, they seem to deliver. Wearing the Liberty Womens Bib Overalls Slipping […]

DIY fishing rod holder with storage

DIY Fishing Rod Holder with Storage

This year for our anniversary, my husband and I decided to make each other gifts. He asked for a fishing rod holder to contain his rods and reels, which up to now have been stacked against the wall in the garage next to boxes of his fishing equipment. In an ongoing attempt to organize the […]