Bosch Blaze Green Laser Measures

Next-Gen Bosch Blaze Armed with 11 Different Measuring Functions and Better Range

Bosch has just announced they’ve updated the Blaze line of laser measures. The second generation of these measuring tools come equipped with 11 different measuring functions and a range of up to 165 feet. Along with the improved functionality, the Blaze line also features improved durability and dual power capabilities. You can also power these tools either via AA batteries or optional GLM-BAT Bosch Li-ion batteries for extended runtime.

Bosch On the Next-Gen Blaze Laser Distance Measures

Now with upgraded measuring functions like the tape measure and big number mode for greater visibility and improved tool settings for easy use, we are happy to introduce the newest generation of Blaze Laser measures. The line is intentionally built with end-users in mind and designed to withstand virtually any job in any application and offers a significant benefit with its dual power source capabilities.

Ricardo Pedroso,Product Manager for Bosch Power Tools

Notable Features

Improved Durability

Bosch listened to a lot of user feedback in developing the next generation of Blaze laser measures. What they came up with started with improvements to the overall durability of the tool. The revised models in the lineup all feature full rubber overmold housing to better withstand drops from ladders, counters… you name it. These laser measures now also come with an IP65 rating against water and dust ingress.

Bosch GLM165-27CG laser measure

An Impressive Feature Set

But that’s just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. The Bosch Blaze Laser Measures now feature a slew of new features. For instance, Tape Measure Mode offers a live measurement displayed in a traditional way for folks who prefer traditional tapes. For those of us with questionable eyesight, the Big Numbers Mode displays large figures while fading out everything else on the display. This makes the important information much easier to read.

Speaking of better visibility, the Bosch Blaze Laser Measures now include an improved user interface with advanced HMI and a higher contrast. A backlit color display makes your reading pop with a distinct resolution, even in low- or no-light conditions. The GLM165-25G, GLM165-27CG, GLM165-27CGL models also feature highly visible green beam laser technology, which is 4x brighter than your standard red beam laser.

Other functions include:

  • Haptic Feedback for tactile confirmation of successful or failed measurements
  • Battery Save Mode to reduce overall brightness while deactivating both audio and haptic feedback
  • Delete Memory option clears all of the stored measurements
  • Animation function presents intuitive graphics to help users better understand how the measure function is used
  • Storage Usage Data function lets you continue at the point you left off, even if you’ve switched off the tool
  • Brightness adjustment

Dual Power Options

As mentioned above, Bosch Blaze Laser Measures can run off of either alkaline or lithium-ion batteries. Having two available power sources seems convenient. The lithium-ion battery option not only increases the operation time of the Blaze, but it also gives you better performance in colder weather over AA batteries. Plus, you can charge and operate the Blaze Gen 2 measures at the same time.

Bosch Blaze Models Compared

The three new Bosch Blaze laser distance measures carry similar features. Smart Bluetooth interactivity and a lithium-ion battery seem to offer the biggest jumps between models.

Accuracy±1/16 in.±1/16 in.±1/16 in.
RangeUp to 165 ft.Up to 165 ft.Up to 165 ft.
MeasureOn CompatibleNoYesYes
Included BatteryAA batteriesAA batteriesLithium-ion battery
Dimensions (HxL)4.7 x 2.1 in.4.7 x 2.1 in.4.7 x 2.1 in.


You can find Bosch Blaze laser distance measures anywhere you’d find the 1st generation models. The new tools range in price depending upon the model and desired features.

Like the current line of Blaze laser measures, the new tools also come with Bosch’s 2-year warranty.

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