March 6, 2021

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Bosch Carbide Jigsaw Blades Give You an Edge on the Competition

Bosch Carbide Brazing Tech Delivers 10x Longer Life Than Bi-Metal

For handling a variety of materials other than clean wood, you’ll likely want a jigsaw blade with a bit more of a “backbone” than the usual. Bosch Carbide jigsaw blades use carbide brazing technology to stand up to tough materials while still delivering clean cuts.

What’s the Big Deal?

As somewhat specialized tools, jigsaws don’t often see tons of groundbreaking innovation. That goes double for their blades. That’s why we find the Bosch Carbide Jigsaw Blades so interesting: as much of a no-brainer as you’d think throwing some carbide tips on a jigsaw blade would be, we don’t see many manufacturers providing this option.

Bosch has a dedicated carbide jigsaw blade for ceramic, fiber or plaster, carbon fiber, laminate, stainless steel, and plastic composites. They’ve also come up with a carbide-tipped all-purpose line of blades.

Like you’d expect, all of the Bosch Carbide Edge Jigsaw Blades deliver longer lifespans than their bi-metal counterparts. Advanced tooth designs provide clean cuts on both sides of the cutting surface, even in brittle materials that are generally prone to chipping.

A Look at the Lineup

MaterialApplicationWorking LengthTooth DesignTooth Per Inch
Ceramic – T150RFCeramics2-5/16″Coated50 Grit
Carbon Fiber – T108BHMFiber-based materials2-5/8″Side set and ground12 TPI
Laminate – T128BHMHigh-pressure laminates, melamine, flooring, laminated particle board2-5/8″Ground teeth and taper ground back14 TPI
All Purpose – T367XHMNail-embedded wood, metal, aluminum, stainless steel, fiber cement board4-1/4″Side set and milled5-7 TPI
Stainless Steel – T118EHMStainless and non-ferrous metals2-5/16″N/A14, 24 TPI
Plastic Composites –
Solid surface materials 3/16″ – 2-1/2″3-1/2″N/A8 TPI

What We Think

It wasn’t too long ago that the only carbon you saw on jigsaw blades was carbide grit. Now, it looks like companies such as Bosch and their sister company, Diablo Tools, are not only bringing carbide teeth to jigsaw blades—they offer specialized options for various materials. We have enough experience to know that one size blade does not fit all—so this makes a lot of sense. It should provide a lot of performance gains for everything from laminate-cutting to those working with plastics and carbon-fiber.


You can pick up any of the Bosch Carbide Edge Jigsaw Blades online or at any major hardware store. Most blades in the line come in 1- and 3-piece packs with prices ranging anywhere between $9.45 and $22.21 for a single blade and between $19.06 and $43.99 for a 3-pack.

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