June 14, 2021

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Bosch PB10-CD PowerBox Jobsite Stereo Review

The Bosch PB10 Power Box Advanced Jobsite Stereo combines many practical (four GFCI protected power outlets) and popular (40 second anti-skip CD player) functions into one package. The radio is suspended inside an aluminum roll cage that is design to withstand a 10 foot job site fall. With large, easy to use buttons and dials, even a gloved hand can make adjustments.

Bosch PB10-CD Power Box

The Bosch PB10-CD PowerBox Jobsite Stereo combines many practical and popular functions into one package. Unlike many other job site radios that include just a 12VDC cigarette lighter style outlet, this radio takes power distribution to a new level with four GFCI protected power outlets in addition to a 12V outlet. The innovation doesn’t stop here. There’s also a CD player capable of playing CDs, CD-R/RW, and MP3—all with 40 seconds of anti-skip protection. The claim is that you can drop this radio 10 feet and not skip a beat! We tested and witnessed this first-hand in our 2010 Bosch Media event coverage.

Editor’s Note: If you’re interested in a  more recent take, check out our portable job site radios round up article where we test the latest features and build quality of 11 different models. Also check out the Bosch Power Box 360 Jobsite radio and the Bosch PB120 Jobsite Radio.

Bosch PB10-CD PowerBox Features

For all you MP3 player fanatics, there is a 1/8″ mini jack input. The radio features a digital AM/FM tuner with a backlit LCD display and an external flexible antenna. There are separate bass and treble controls, a Bosch 4 level EQ system, and a total of 30 radio station presets. The buttons and knobs are easy to use and are large enough that even a gloved hand can operate them. All the buttons, knobs, speakers, and battery compartment are sealed to protect the unit from weather and dust. There are two main speakers and two tweeters.

Bosch PB10-CD Power Box exploded
You can see the isolation of parts in the Bosch PB10-CD Power Box with this exploded view of the chassis and components.

The radio can operate on both 120VAC and 12-24VDC Bosch battery packs. The onboard outlets are only functional when the unit is plugged into 120VAC. This does radio does not function as a Bosch battery pack charger. The batteries are used to only power the unit when there is no regular power available. A small remote control is included that controls volume; convenient storage is provided for the remote on top of the curved top handle, but we are pretty sure this will be the first part lost. Fortunately, all of the remote control’s functions can be accessed from the main radio. The battery compartment can also double as CD storage.


With the overall specifications of the Bosch PB10 Power Box Advanced Jobsite Stereo, this should be a solid performer. As with most tools from Bosch, they are well made and have a certain level of quality to them that leaves little to be desired. The street price has come down considerably and you would be able to find one of these for less than half the MSRP.

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