June 18, 2021

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Work Site Radio Reviews

When we evaluate jobsite radios and do work site radio reviews, we include both 12V and 18V models. Some hybrid models include both corded AC and battery operation modes. Most are cable of connecting to a smart phone via Bluetooth. Some radios, like the Milwaukee M18 charging radio and the Bosch PowerBox are full-sized and designed to cover large areas. Others, like the RYOBI compact radio, take the form of smaller, portable devices. Jobsite Radios and Work Site Radio Reviews Depending on what you do for a living, a jobsite radio makes a great addition to many locations. Many job sites have been productively blaring these radios during the framing or roofing process. These battery powered radios use standard 12V and 18V batteries. Consequently, many contractors and tradesmen find it easy to add them to their tool kit or throw one in the back of the work truck. Check out our portable jobsite radios roundup for a look at some of the better models.

Bosch PB120 12V Job Site Radio

Bosch PB120 12V Radio | Job Site Tunes

We love radios. In fact we did a portable job site radios round-up—that had everyone around here very excited. Know what else gets us excited? NEW radios. Take the Bosch PB120 12V job site radio, for example. This is a $99 compact cordless radio that can be plugged into an outlet, or it can run […]

Makita LXRM03B 18V Cordless Job Site Radio Preview

Those who know the Makita BMR100W radio won’t find too much new with the LXRM03B radio aside from the new dock and controls. It features two auxiliary ports for MP3 player or iPod support and uses two new 3″ side-firing speakers to help widen the soundstage when playing back music. The radio can be powered […]

Tool Spy: DeWalt DCR015 20V MAX Radio!

DeWalt DCR015 20V MAX Radio Preview

So we came across this on Facebook today and thought it was high time DeWalt started talking about a 20V Max option for their jobsite radio/charger product. Unfortunately, all we know the DeWalt DCR015 20V MAX Radio at this time (or think we know) is that it will feature dual power ports, AM/FM radio, a […]

Porter-Cable PC18JR 18V Cordless Jobsite Radio Review

Porter-Cable PC18JR 18V Cordless Jobsite Radio Review

We love jobsite radios. There’s nothing as satisfying as being able to blast your tunes at full volume while pounding nails. The Porter-Cable’s PC18JR Jobsite Radio takes a neat turn in that they produced a great-sounding radio that doesn’t seem to distort – even when you max out the volume knob. It also offers some advanced features like giving you two pass-through 120V outlets, an AUX input for mp3 players, and a fully backlit LCD display. An integrated cord wrap and high quality coaxial speakers means that the unit is both convenient and capable of putting out good-sounding music. We also liked the integrated bass ports and the way the radio was easy to use, program and haul around in our day-to-day work.

DeWALT DC012 Worksite Radio/Charger Preview

DeWalt DC012 Worksite Radio Charger Preview

DeWalt’s introduced its first generation radio charger with the DW911. That was followed up by the DC011 which we reviewed earlier this year. With the DC012 DeWalt is releasing its 3rd generation worksite radio charger. The most notable distinction is the addition of three AC power outlets, each rated to 10 amps. Since they aren’t rated at a full 15 amps, you’re going to want to refrain from plugging in any full-size circular saws or other heavy amp-draw tools into these ports – a disappointment considering how much convenience it would add to this tool.

Milwaukee 2590-20 M12 Radio Review

Milwaukee 2590-20 M12 Radio Review

The 2590-20 Milwaukee M12 Radio offers big sound in a small package thanks to features like a digital tuner, a built in MP3 player storage pocket and a sturdy design that can take job site abuse. This radio can operate with either the compact Milwaukee 12 volt Lithium-ion batteries or the included 120V A/C adapter.

Milwaukee 2790-20 Jobsite Radio Review

Milwaukee 2790-20 M18 Jobsite Radio Review

The Milwaukee Jobsite Radio (2790-20) is one of the better portable radios I’ve ever heard. Period. I don’t want to blow the whole review up front, but I have listened to a LOT of boom boxes and MP3 radios. Let’s just say it’s a personal hobby of mine and I’ve listened to over dozens in my life. This is exciting for a couple of reasons. One, because you can use it in even the harshest of jobsite environments without fear of damage, and two, because it has a typical street price of just $120 (without batteries). That’s a great deal no matter how you look at it.

DeWALT DC012 Worksite Radio Charger Review

DeWalt DC012 Worksite Radio Charger Review

The best way to crank out the work like a machine is to do it while jamming to some tunes while charging all your different DeWALT batteries in the new DeWALT DC012 Worksite Charger Radio. This radio has evolved considerably since it first came on the market 10 years ago. The new, third generation model will charge your NiCad, NiMH and Li-Ion 7.2V to 18V battery packs in 1 hour or less and will also use these same batteries to play the radio making it cordless too.

Ridgid R8408 Job Site Radio Review

Ridgid R8408 Jobsite Radio Review

Built jobsite tough, the Ridgid R8408 Job Site Radio comes out with an industry first, built-in iPod docking station and a separate Aux Input Jack all located inside a protective compartment. Standard with a steel roll cage handle that encompasses all but the base which is made of impact resistant plastic, this radio is ready for you to crank out the work like a machine as you listen to your music. For you racing fans, there is a scanner that picks up the common race scanner frequencies.

Milwaukee V28 Job Site Radio Review

Milwaukee V28 Job Site Radio (49-24-0280) Review

The Milwaukee V28 Job Site Radio does the job it was designed to do with decent reception, good sound and tough-as-nails construction. No more busted boom boxes with this brute around. With its rugged construction, this radio can reportedly fall 8 feet on concrete and still function properly! Standard with a host of features, this radio is the perfect companion to any serious Milwaukee fan or any contractor looking for dependable tunes on the job site.