Impact Driver & Wrench Reviews & Buying Guides

We spend hundreds of man-hours testing the best cordless impact drivers and the best cordless impact wrenches through rigorous hands-on objective testing. We also review pneumatic impact wrenches which still play a huge role in the automotive tools market. On the cordless side, our tests cover 12V, 18V, 20V, 36V, and 40V impact drivers and wrenches. All tools we review go through our torque testing rig so we can rank them in their respective categories. We know you already likely have your favorite tools. However, while you may have your favorite “color” or brand, Pro Tool Reviews helps you understand how that tool actually performs against the competition. Our cordless impact driver and impact wrench reviews avoid bias by using standardized testing procedures. Plus, we not only test power, but also look at run-time, vibration, ergonomics, price, and value. After all, the best impact driver or wrench for one Pro, mechanic, or tradesman may not be the same for another.