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Framer use a lot of tools. You’ve got compressors and nailers, but you also have hammers, squares, miter saws, and tables saws. Then there’s the complement of other hand tools like tape measures, pencils, and chalk reels. Framers are our go-to guys of general construction tool reviews. They’ve touched it all. This crew loves jumping into a tape measure comparison or the discovering the best tool belt rig. And of course they helped us find the best framing hammer (hint: that award might land on the Stiletto 12oz titanium remodeler). Framing Tool Reviews at the Jobsite Many of our framing tool reviews take place on the jobsite. We can’t think of a better place to test tools. These are the guys who get to discover the best cordless reciprocating saw. They play with tools like the DeWalt DWF83PT framing nailer and the cordless equivalent, the DeWalt 20V Max framing nailer. If it involves cutting or fastening lumber, this section should have you covered.

Review9.0(out of 10)
Everwin Joist Hanger Nailer

Everwin Joist Hanger Nailer

The light and compact Everwin Joist Hanger Nailer fits in tighter spaces than its competitors and improves upon manual metal framing hardware installation by a long shot. We’re using it to construct a porch over a home’s front door by tying into the existing roof – let’s show you how it works. Pros Notably light […]

Review8.0(out of 10)
Skil 12V Brushless Circular Saw Review

Skil 12V Brushless Circular Saw Review – CR541802

If you don’t need all the power the Skil 20V Brushless Circular Saw affords for $165.27, their smaller saw might fit the bill. The Skil 12V Brushless Circular Saw presents a great compromise on both power and price for those looking for a compact saw. If you’re not familiar with Skil, they provide some excellent […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Everwin Coil Framing Nailer FCN90

Everwin Coil Framing Nailer FCN90

The Everwin Coil Framing Nailer dubs itself the most compact 3-1/2 inch coil framing nailer on the market. The FCN90 model number differs slightly from the 2017 Pro Tool Innovation Award-winning FCN90L, which is the lightest coil framer available. Our crew put this Everwin framing tool to the test on many jobs over the last few […]

Review9.4(out of 10)
Best Cordless Circular Saw - Metabo HPT MultiVolt

Metabo HPT MultiVolt Circular Saw C3607DA

Hitachi has completed its transition to Metabo HPT and one of the platforms they’re counting on to launch that new branding is the MultiVolt system. On the 36V side is the new Metabo HPT MultiVolt Circular Saw. I want to know if it fits in the ranks of the recent Cordless Supersaws. Pros Excellent build […]

Best Framing Nailer Shootout and Review: Pneumatic and Cordless

Best Framing Nailer Reviews and Head-to-Head Results 2021

Finding the best framing nailer for your work means different things to different Pros. Are you a framer or a remodeler? Is price the biggest issue, or is it driving power, weight, or recoil? No matter what your priorities, chances are our Pro team has considered it in this head-to-head review. Of course, we put […]

Metabo HPT MultiVolt 10-Inch Miter Saw: Corded or Cordless

Metabo HPT MultiVolt 10-Inch Miter Saw: Corded or Cordless

Now that Hitachi has made the full transition to Metabo HPT, they’re rolling out the MultiVolt line as a sign of what’s to come. The Metabo HPT MultiVolt 10-inch miter saw is one of the more intriguing items we’re taking a look at first. If you’re wondering if this is really a Hitachi cordless miter […]

Review8.7(out of 10)
Fasco Framing Nailer and Scrailer

Fasco Framing Nailer and Scrailer F58A RHN20-90C SCR Review

I’ve been building for years, but I’ve never used a Fasco product. Until now, I’ve been content with my reliable Hitachi nailer to help me frame out the bones of one structure after the next. Well, today I’ve got my hands on the newest Fasco Framing Nailer and Scrailer. Fasco, originally an Italian company known for […]

Review7.9(out of 10)
Best Framing Nailer Shootout and Review: Pneumatic and Cordless

Paslode Cordless XP Framing Nailer Review

Plenty of Pros swear by the Paslode CF325XP Cordless XP framing nailer, especially when it comes to punch-list work. We put it up against some of the best framing nailers in a head-to-head comparison to see exactly how well it performs on a broader spectrum. Paslode CF325XP at a Glance The major benefit to this […]

Irwin Marathon Circular Saw Blade Review

Irwin Marathon Circular Saw Blade Review

In our ongoing search for the best blade for your circular saw, we come to the popular Irwin Marathon circular saw blade. A lot of our Pros swear by Diablo while Makita has been making excellent blades for a long time and Milwaukee recently got in the game with a premium line. We ran the […]

Review7.2(out of 10)
DeWalt 20V Max Framing Nailer

DeWalt DCN692 20V Framing Nailer Review

Cordless nailers are becoming more readily available and more relevant as technology improves. One area that has seen little growth in that realm is framing nailers. There are certainly obstacles to overcome with these larger nail sizes. The most significant is getting enough power to fully drive a 3+” nail up to 0.131″ diameter. If […]