Diablo X-Lock Diamond Wheels for Masonry

Diablo X-Lock Diamond Wheels

Diablo Continuous and Segmented Wheels Feature Universal Arbors

Diablo X-Lock Diamond Wheels come in both continuous rim and segmented masonry cut-off styles. Both tout durability and ramped-up productivity. Like Bosch X-Lock wheels, they also feature a universal fit. That means these diamond blades fit both 7/8″ arbor angle grinders and X-Lock arbor angle grinders.

10-Second Summary

  • Diamond edge rim for 60% smoother cuts
  • Chip-free and burn-free cuts
  • Hardened disc body absorbs vibration and increases impact resistance
  • Ultra-thin constant contact turbo rim
  • Diamond edge wears evenly
  • Works with both X-Lock and 7/8 in. arbors
  • Max RPM of 13,280 (4-1/2″) and 12,200 (5″)

Clean, Precise Cuts for All

Since these Diablo masonry grinder wheels feature the universal compatibility of X-Lock they remain backward-compatible with standard grinders. If your angle grinder uses a 7/8″ arbor you’re good. And, if you picked up a model with the newer X-Lock arbor system, these blades work there as well. X-Lock grinders benefit from the tool-free “snap-fit” system.

However, it’s not just the arbors that deserve attention. Diablo tells us that these masonry grinder wheels cut smoother and produce chip-free cuts without the burn marks.

Diablo X-Lock diamond grinder wheels

Diablo designed the wheels with hardened disc bodies that absorb vibration and increase the wheels’ impact resistance. This should provide a superior cut in hardened materials.

Two Designs, Two Sizes

The Diablo X-Lock diamond wheels come in continuous rim and segmented styles. They make both 4-1/2 and 5-inch diameter blades. With the continuous edge wheels, Diablo has engineered the rims to provide precise cuts at high speeds.

The segmented wheels feature Speed-Edge slot designs. This design helps reduce vibration to deliver up to 30% faster cuts over standard segmented diamond wheels. Diablo also made the segments 60% taller top give up to 4X longer life. In both cases, the diamonds wear evenly, ensuring that the wheels always cut smoothly.

Diablo Masonry Grinder Wheel Specs

  • Arbor: 7/8 in., X-Lock
  • Diameter: 4-1/2 in., 5 in.
  • Hub Type: 1
  • Pack Quantity: 1
  • Rim Design: Continuous, Segmented
  • RPM: 13,280 (4-1/2″); 12,200 (5″)

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