EGO 56V Cordless Pressure Washer Review

EGO 56V Pressure Washer

The EGO 56V Pressure Washer Lets You Cut The Cord And Ditch The Gas Can

There are so many factors that affect pressure washer performance, so finding the best pressure washer for your needs might pose a challenge. EGO’s first foray into the pressure washer game has been long-awaited, and the brand has finally announced its arrival. We’re looking at what this pressure washer has to offer to see if it exceeds expectations, and how it compares to other battery-powered models on the market.


  • Compact and portable design
  • Onboard hose and wand management system
  • Includes a siphon hose for use with alternative water sources
  • Includes quick-connect and threaded connections
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Long runtime


  • No storage space for foam cannon

EGO Pressure Washer Performance

EGO Pressure Washer
  • Max PSI: 3200 PSI
  • Flow Rate: 1.2 GPM
  • Max Runtime: 60 min (with two 6.0Ah batteries)
  • Nozzles: 15°, 25°, 40°, Turbo, Rinse, Foam Cannon

Power and Flow

This cordless pressure washer’s brushless motor tops out at 3,200 PSI and delivers up to 1.2 GPM using the extended lance. The flow rate jumps to 2.0 GPM when using the foam cannon and rinsing nozzle. At 3,200 PSI, EGO is currently the most powerful battery-powered pressure washer on the market, even beating out the Greenworks 60V Pro Pressure Washer.

Hose Connections

It has three power modes that let you quickly set your cleaning power level to the job at hand without manually adjusting a pump. Simply choose between Eco, High, and Turbo to prioritize max power or longer runtime.


The EGO HPW3200 56V pressure washer is powered by two 56V batteries, but is capable of running on one, if need be. EGO tells us that you can expect up to 60 minutes of continuous runtime using the kitted 6.0Ah batteries. As with all EGO 56V tools, this pressure washer is completely compatible with all of their 56V batteries, even the monster 12Ah battery.

Cleaning Power

As far as cleaning power goes, it’s right in line with what we expect from a cordless pressure washer. Given its PSI and flow rate, it’s safe to say that the EGO HPW3200 is best suited for light to moderate cleaning tasks, like washing cars or removing algae buildup from PVC siding and fences.

EGO 56V Pressure Washer

Now, don’t get me wrong, 3,200 PSI is nothing to scoff at, especially in the battery-powered arena. At that power level, it’s gentle enough to clean most surfaces around your home without the fear of causing damage in the process.

Pro Tip: Pre-treating your surfaces with an appropriate chemical treatment will decrease cleaning time and increase your pressure washer’s effectiveness!

EGO Pressure Washer Design Notes

EGO Pressure Washer
  • Model: EGO HPW3200
  • Power Source: EGO 56V battery
  • Weight: 36 lbs (bare), 53 lbs (with two 6.0Ah batteries)
  • Storage Dimensions (LxWxH): 14.5 x 18.5 x 23.5 in.


This pressure washer sports a compact profile, rugged wheels, and telescoping handle make it easy to transport and store. With the handle fully extended, it stands 38.5 inches tall and only measures 18.5 inches from side to side. While it’s not a major factor, the HPW3200 weighs in at 36 pounds as a bare tool and 53 pounds with the batteries in place.


Control Panel

The control panel is very straightforward, featuring a simple power button and mode selection button. EGO took it one step further and actually integrated a mode button and battery life indicator into the wand, so you can make changes on the fly and keep track of your remaining runtime.

Remote Controls

The button is powered by a coin style CR2032 battery that’s inside a small compartment on top of the wand. EGO provides pairing instructions in the manual, but the pressure washer will still function normally without pairing.

Hoses and Accessories

Nozzle storage

EGO’s onboard accessory management systems make staying organized easier than ever. The hoses hang neatly on the back of the machine, and EGO includes two brackets that mount to the side of the machine to hold the wand in place. The wand includes a quick disconnect for the lance, further enhancing its portability.

Lance quick disconnect

As you would expect, the 15°, 25°, 40°, Turbo, and Rinse nozzles nestle into rubber slots on top of the machine. However, there isn’t a dedicated spot for the foam cannon. I’d recommend picking up a cleaning caddy and storing it there with your other car wash chemicals.

Foam Cannon

One design aspect we like is the location of the soap reservoir. Moving from the traditional on-unit design, this model has a removable foam cannon that connects directly to the hose gun. Instead of pulling product from a tank through the length of the hose, this design pulls from the foam cannon, ultimately reducing waste and cleanup time.

Quick connect and threaded connections

I love that EGO included quick-connection points as well as threaded fitting. It may seem insignificant, but it really does make it much easier to connect and remove the hose and wand. Even more than that, finding replacement hoses is a breeze should yours burst, or you simply want to add in an additional section for increased reach.

EGO Pressure Washer Price

This battery-powered pressure washer retails for $499 as a bare too and $799 as a kit, including two 6.0Ah batteries and a charger. EGO backs your purchase with a 5-year warranty on the tool and a 3-year warranty on the batteries.

The Bottom Line

The EGO 56V pressure washer is a solid choice for homeowners needing a cordless solution for light cleaning tasks. While its lower flow rate limits its heavy-duty capabilities, its convenience and versatility far outweigh its limitations. Overall, this is a reliable option for those seeking a portable, no-nonsense battery-powered pressure washer.

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