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Empire Level Launches 2nd Generation True Blue Levels

Empire True Blue Level

Empire Level saw a pretty impressive response to their original True Blue Level family starting back in 2004. They’ve updated several models with the launch of the second generation True Blue Levels. The first generation introduced the True Blue Vial, using blue vial bands to improve visibility. Since then, the True Blue Levels have many appreciating the high visibility and 0.0005″ accuracy. Yeah, that’s five ten-thousands of an inch. Empire claims that the vials won’t break, fog, or leak as well as being the most accurate on the market. The next generation, dubbed the True Blue Evolution, features updates that improve durability and function.

Empire True Blue Level e70 e2G Series

Empire’s True Blue Level e70 e2G Series is highlighted to the most durable level they’ve produced to date. Improving durability are the removable eShock Pro End Caps. These accordion style caps helps absorb shock from a fall while still providing an edge suitable to draw a straight line into corners. The Accu-Edge2 frame design is manufactured from 6061 aluminum and also took accurate line marking into consideration. One piece rubber hand grips help the ergonomics of the e70 e2G. Empire also came up with the eLock Center Vial System ensures that the center vial will remain accurate regardless of stresses or thermal expansion of the level.

The Empire True Blue Level E70 Series is available in  24″, 32″, 48″, 72″, and 96″ lengths.

Empire True Blue Level

Empire True Blue Level em71 e2G Series

This Empire True Blue Level em71 e2G features all of the features we love about the E70 family with the addition of rare-earth magnets. Utilizing three of these magnets allows hands free operation for applications around ferrous metal. You’ll be able to find these in 24″, 48″, 78″, and 96″ lengths.

Empire True Blue Level em71.8 e2G

The em71.8 eight inch True Blue Magnetic Billet Level feature a variable pitch vial that lines up pitch settings for 1/8″ – 1/2″ per foot in 1/8″ increments. The V-groove top edge makes is easy to line up on rounded materials like pipe and conduit. It also has three rare earth magnets to hold in place on ferrous materials. The four True Blue Vials allow for vertical and horizontal 90 degree measurements, 45 degree, and the horizontal variable pitch measures.

Empire True Blue Level

Empire True Blue Level em81.10 e2G

Empire’s em81.10 ten inch True Blue Torpedo Level was also updated to include a trio of rare earth magnets and a variable dual pitch vial. The vial allows for accurate slight pitch variation of 1/8″ or 1/4″ per foot for applications that need to prevent water pooling.  Dual sided markings mean that you can run the pitch right or left without having to flip the level around.

Empire True Blue Level

All of the Empire True Blue Levels come with a lifetime warranty. For more information, be sure to visit Empire Level’s website by clicking here.

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