Festool Vecturo OSC 18 Cordless Oscillating Tool

Festool Vecturo OSC 18 Cordless Oscillating Tool

Festool Vecturo OSC 18 Cordless Oscillating Tool Looks Set to Take On Top Performers

Festool has announced the release of the new Vecturo OSC 18 Cordless Oscillator. Featuring precision multi-tool functionality, control, and durability, this tool represents the “workhorse” product in Festool’s 18V multi-tool lineup.

What Is Festool Saying About the New Vecturo OSC 18?

“With a multitool like this one, it is of the utmost importance for it to deliver best-in-class results for any work setting. That is why the tool-less Plunge Base allows for accurate guided cuts no matter where a craftsman takes the OSC. Plus, with the 18 V lithium-ion battery, our users will have cordless freedom to deliver exceptional results in even the trickiest of places.”

Rick Bush, Vice President of Marketing for Festool

18V Cordless Vecturo Matches Corded Power

The Festool Vecturo OSC 18 operates on the brand’s 18V cordless platform. As the first Festool cordless oscillating multitool, that’s a big deal all its own.

It features a brushless motor and 4° of oscillation for fast, powerful cutting. Variable speed controls let you tailor the tool’s performance to your particular needs, while the Starlock Max system being employed lets you change out the blades and accessories quickly and tool-free.

Festool Vecturo OSC 18 Cordless Oscillating Tool

However, unlike other oscillating multi-tools, the Festool Vecturo OSC 18 can be used with Festool’s Plunge Base and Depth Stop.  This optional accessory makes it possible to create precise, guided, and consistent plunge cuts. The adjustable depth stop lets work with a variety of different angles.

Festool Vecturo OSC 18 Cordless Oscillating Tool

The Vecturo works with your dust extraction system to provide a virtually dust-free workspace that leaves you with a clear view of the workspace, even when working overhead.

Festool also employs a design that drastically reduces noise and vibration. By isolating the motor and drive system from the housing, the Vecturo OSC 18 stays ergonomic and comfortable on the jobsite.

Festool Vecturo OSC 18 Cordless Oscillating Tool Power

There’s a lot worth talking about on the Festool cordless Vecturo, starting with the fact that it’s cordless. When the announcement first came through, my first question was “which 18V battery is it using?”

If you’re not familiar with Festool’s full lineup, they developed a series of hybrid power sanders a while back that uses a different battery connection than their other 18V slide packs.

With the long, slender design of an oscillating multitool, Festool could have gone with either pack. They designed it for their traditional (and more popular) slide packs, which is a good move in our opinion.

On the other hand, the benefit of the battery for those sanders is that they have an AC adapter you can also use. That’s a bigger deal than it might seem at first glance considering there’s no longer a corded Vecturo on Festool’s website. There are still some retailers that have it, but it looks like it’s going away.

Uses the Starlock Accessory System

Festool moves away from its proprietary blade lock system and joins Fein and Bosch with a Starlock Max interface. Introduced back in 2015, Starlock offers tool-free and hands-free accessory changes. It’s something our team really likes.

Because Festool is making the move to Starlock and the cordless Vecturo is using a slide-style battery without an AC adapter option, it leaves the door open to an updated corded model down the road.

Sounds Fein to Me

The Festool cordless Vecturo’s use of an isolated motor and drive system sounds very much like what Fein does to nearly eliminate vibration in their multitools. The difference is so dramatic, that our team considers Fein to be in a vibration control league all its own.

If Festool managed to get the Vecturo at that level, it means some serious competition.

Comparing to the SuperCut

What might just propel Festool above Fein in the cordless game is cutting speed. Its 4º oscillating angle is more aggressive than the cordless MultiMaster and it exceeds the oscillating speed at 19,500 OPM. Those are the exact same specs as the cordless SuperCut, so it will be interesting to see how they match up head-to-head.

Available Accessories

The plunge base and dust control accessories were major highlights for the corded Vecturo and stick around for the cordless version. Combined with intentionally designed ergonomics, this should be a more effective design than we see from any other multitool.


The Festool Vecturo OSC 18 Cordless Oscillating Tool sells for $375 for the basic setup (which doesn’t include batteries). For the optional accessories kit, with the Plunge base and Depth Stop, you’re looking at $599, though this still doesn’t include any batteries. For the whole enchilada, expect to pay $799.

All Festool power tools are included in the brand’s 3-2-1 program. This is a 3-year wear-and-tear warranty, a commitment to a 2-day repair turnaround time, and a 1-month money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Festool Vecturo OSC 18 Cordless Oscillating Tool Specs

  • Model Number: Festool 574853
  • Power Source: 18V
  • No-Load Speed: 0 – 18,000 OPM
  • Oscillation Angle: 4º
  • Weight with Battery: 3.52 lbs
  • Warranty: 3-year warranty against wear-and-tear, 2-day standard repair time, 1-month satisfaction guarantee
  • Price: $375 (bare tool), $599 (OSC 18 Li E-Basic Set), $799 (OSC 18 Li 3, 1 El-Set with batteries and charger)

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