HART 20V Cordless High Capacity Stick Vacuum Review

HART 20V Cordless High Capacity Stick Vacuum Review

Last Updated on July 11, 2023

HART Cordless High Capacity Stick Vacuum Extends Time Between Emptying

We love our stick vacs, but they have their limitations. It’s why most of us have more than one vacuum in the house. The HART 20V Cordless High Capacity Stick Vacuum targets one of the major pain points—capacity. That’s great, however, there are trade-offs you need to consider.

Using the HART 20V Cordless High Capacity Stick Vacuum



With capacity sitting front and center, let’s begin there. HART’s regular stick vacs only have a capacity of 1.5 cups (12 ounces). Even though the canister’s volume is much higher, the filter system takes up most of the room.

On the other hand, the HART 20V Cordless High Capacity Stick Vacuum holds 1.5 quarts (48 ounces). That’s 4 times the capacity of the standard vacs. The main advantage, of course, is that you can go much longer before you have to empty the canister, letting you vacuum the entire house without stopping in many cases.


Mode Selection

HART turns to its popular 20V system to power this vacuum and uses a brushed motor. As with all HART 20V products, you can use any HART 20V battery to run the vac.

HART took the design further than just a simple high and low for the controls. There’s a hard floor mode that uses lower suction power along with the brush. Carpet mode kicks the power up and then there’s a brush off mode that keeps the suction power high without using the brushes.

Start by pressing the power button to turn the vacuum on and then press the mode button to cycle through the three options. No matter which mode you’re in when you turn the vac off, it defaults back to hard floor mode the next time you turn it on.

In practice, the vacuum works well, taking care of both hard floors and carpets with relative ease. As you expect from a stick vac, the flexible head handles corners and gets under furniture better than standard upright vacs. While HART’s Pro Upright Vacuum is still the best bet for the highest suction power and deepest carpet cleaning, this High Capacity stick vac is more convenient and does its job effectively.


HART 20V Cordless High Capacity Stick Vacuum Review

The big trade-off you need to consider between the HART 20V Cordless High Capacity Stick Vacuum and its standard counterparts is that this is only a floor vacuum. The standard models can detach from the brush base and use attachments to hit corners, crevices, and other places. You can also remove the shaft and convert it to a hand vac that’s great for cleaning furniture and vehicles.

While this model does pivot around objects, we noticed that it’s not quite as agile as HART’s standard stick vac.

One of the minor differences is there’s no LED light on the front of this vac. That light does a great job of showing debris on hard floors, so not having it is a noticeable change.

Another consideration is that you don’t have a wall mount that comes with the High Capacity model. Not everyone uses it, but it’s awfully convenient if you do. On the other hand, the High Capacity vacuum stands up on its own, so you might not need the wall mount anyway.

On the plus side, HART made the access to take the brush out for cleaning tool-free and much easier. As someone with long hair, I appreciate that!

HART 20V Cordless High Capacity Stick Vacuum Price

As a bare tool, this vacuum runs $159.00 as a kit with a 4.0Ah battery and charger. It’s also available as a bare tool for $109. Either way, HART has your back with a 3-year warranty.

The Bottom Line

HART is bridging the gap between the convenience of a stick vac and the capacity of an upright vac with its 20V Cordless High Capacity Stick Vacuum. While there are some trade-offs in accessory compatibility and features, the additional capacity allows you to run longer before having to empty the canister and makes this model an easier sell for whole-home vacuuming.

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