iQ Power Tools Dry Cut Masonry Saw Video Review

The iQ Power Tools iQMS362 is the world’s first 16.5” dry cut masonry saw with integrated dust collection. Pro Tool Reviews checked out the iQTS244 Dry Cut Tile Saw—which really changes the way you think about cutting tile. No water. Very little cleanup. Before their tile saw, iQ Power Tools addressed dry brick and block cutting with larger, less mobile cutting tools.

This new saw ups the ante with both increased portability and more clearance for larger block. They also developed new blades to tackle hard concrete, masonry block, pavers, brick, granite… pretty much anything you would normally cut with a wet saw. I put this tool through its paces by working on several projects for The Joinery, an upper-scale “food hall” I’m opening up here in Lakeland, Florida. Inside, we’ll have an on-site brewery and multiple food vendors—all occupying a very open, interesting, and inviting space that overlooks downtown Lake Mirror.

We were able to use the saw in multiple locations throughout The Joinery, including an outdoor patio and some interior spaces near the bar and brewery. The job included cutting both 4x8x16 solid partition blocks as well as custom ~15-inch cloverleaf screen blocks used as the base layer for a short patio wall overlooking the lake. We also cut plenty of two-cell “peanut” block along the way.

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Learn more at iQ’s website or get one for yourself at Acme Tools!

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