Lixer Tools Tape Measure Calibration Products Review

Lixer Calibration tools

Lixer Tools has several excellent products for calibrating and checking tape measure accuracy. These range from the Lixer Gage Block to the Lixer Master tape measure calibration tool and even a calibration station and bench square. Originally, these tape measure calibration tools came in wood. Now, Lixer constructs these products from anodized aluminum or 303 stainless steel.

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Construction and Certifications

Lixer uses a wire EDM process to create many of its products. This basically creates the tool’s unique shape by passing a moving wire through the material while applying electrical discharges. This rapidly removes material from the workpiece. Manufacturers use this process to form tools from billet pieces of material. An available option on many of their products, Lixer offers NIST Traceable Certification.

NIST traceable certification paper

All certified Lixer calibration products ship with a custom-fit padded storage box. The accuracy of these tools is an impressive +/-.0005″.

Lixer Master Tape Measure Calibration Tool

This tool, although similar to the original Lixer tape measure calibration tool in how it works, is actually designed for CMM certification. Also, if you re-certify similar tools through local calibration labs, the Lixer Master could potentially be recertified locally as well. And compared to the wood models, the stainless steel will be easier to keep clean. Another nice benefit is that the end hook adjustment slot–a potentially fragile point on the wood Lixers–now gets the added benefit of being made of metal.

The tool markings will utilize a laser-fused porcelain process. Lixer Tools has also added two parallel lines. These run the length of the tool so you can more easily line up the tape measure blade.

Tape Measure Calibration Station

Lixer designed the Calibration Station as an easy-access point for shop employees to check their tape calibration each time they enter and exit the workplace. It mounts to the wall with a couple of screws, so you can stick it on virtually any wall in the shop.

Lixer Pass Fail gauge

The Lixer Calibration Station accommodates most tape measures. It has a pair of lasered lines for each push/pull calibration measurement. Lixer has spaced them ±1/2mm from the center at 10cm and ± 1/32″ from the center at 6″, letting you check the accuracy of both standard and metric tape measures. At the top of the station, you’ve got your end hook adjustment slot.

Tape measure end hook adjustment

The Lixer Calibration Station has an accuracy of +/-.002″, and it comes with a Certificate of Traceability to NIST.

Bench Square Multi-Instrument Calibration Standard

Lixer designed the Bench Square for inspection and referencing of tape measures, rulers, squares and protractors, angle gauges, and straight edges. It sits on a flat surface, and it’s sized and weighted for easy portability. Lixer makes the Bench Square from solid aluminum with a clear, anodized anti-glare surface. The laser-etched label should be darker as it’s difficult to read in certain lighting conditions.

Billet Aluminum Bench Square

Like the other calibration tools in the Lixer lineup, the Bench Square features the easy push/pull tape measure calibration in the center of the tool. It features two milled edges for accurate referencing of both metric and standard tape measures and rulers at 10 cm and 6-inches.

Lixer machined the Bench Square with deviations for standard tape measures and straight edges ±.002″, metric tape measures ±.05 mm and angles ±.02º. With no moving parts and lasered graphics, it ought to stay reliable for many years. Even so, it comes with a 2-year certification.

Lixer Bench Square Designed for Inspection of:

  • Standard and Metric Tape Measure push and pull measurements
  • Steel Rulers both standard and metric
  • Squares and Protractors check 45° and 90° Angle
  • Angle Gauges 45° and 90°
  • Straight edges: check against the 14″ hypotenuse for concave/convex edges

Lixer S Tape Measure Calibration Tool

Remarkably similar in appearance and function to the Master Tape Measure tool we mentioned earlier, the Lixer S has the same ability to accurately suss out and correct any tape measure inaccuracies. It does make some notable departures from the first design, however.

Lixer S Anodized aluminum

Firstly, rather than using heavier 303 stainless steel, the Lixer S is made from black anodized aluminum. It’s much lighter but retains all of the consistency and rust-free properties of stainless steel. Secondly, it features laser-etched lines rather than milled cutouts for checking accuracy. Finally, it retails for significantly less than the Master.

Lixer Calibration tools

It still has push/pull checks at the 10 cm and 6 in. points with a milled notch for your hook. The hook adjustment slot used to adjust and calibrate your tape measure still exists on the end of the Lixer S.

The Lixer S has an accuracy of +/-.002″ and comes with a Certificate of Traceability to NIST that is valid for 1 year.


Our experience with Lixer products finds them to be very reliable tools. We base this on the simple fact of the certification bodies behind it. These tools make more sense in a manufacturer’s hands to verify that new models are being manufactured to spec. For us, it allows for baseline comparisons of tape measure accuracy.

Of course, as Lixer says, “You will not be able to fix a tape measure that was not accurate to begin with.” If extreme accuracy is paramount to your work, it may not be a bad idea to take one of these models with you when purchasing tapes for your business. Lixer estimates that 5 out of 6 tape measures show some inaccuracy from the get-go, owing predominantly to the inaccuracy of the end hook placement. The Lixer Master and S model tape Measure Calibration Tools make good, portable companions for the next time you find yourself shopping for a tape measure.

You can, however, order tape measures from a variety of manufacturers directly from the Lixer website. All of the tape measures featured on the page have been carefully selected and verified for end hook push and pull accuracy at the 6″ and/or 10 cm marks. Lixer guarantees the end hook accuracy of these tape measures within a +/- .005″ range.

Find out more from Lixer Tools here.


  • LM101-SS Lixer Master w/ NIST Traceable Certification: $415.50
  • LM101-ISO Lixer Master w/ Independent ISO Certification: $470.95
  • LCS-PF Lixer Pass/Fail Calibration Station: $265.95
  • LCS-S Lixer S Calibration Station: $265.95
  • BS101-A Lixer Bench Square w/ Independent ISO Certification: $245.95
  • LS-102-A Lixer S w/ NIST Traceable Certification: $154.95
  • LS-102-A-5PK Lixer S 5-pack: $689.00

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