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Logic Vault Door

Put Your Life on Lockdown

With the Lockdown Logic Vault Door, your smart home can now also become a secure home. This bulletproof solid steel door features a proprietary locking mechanism that resists drilling, prying, and breaching. In addition to providing physical security, this door ties into your home network with encrypted WiFi to provide maximum control and connectivity from the Lockdown Logic app.

Lockdown Logic Vault Door

  • Bulletproof steel door resists drilling, prying, and breaching
  • Encrypted WiFi connects to Lockdown Logic app
  • Security sensors
  • Mechanized handle
  • Recieve open notifications
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Up to 10 unique entry codes
  • View temperature and humidity on keypad or app
  • Set audible alarms for door opening or tampering
  • Backup rechargeable batteries for keypad
  • Available in outswinging and inswinging models
  • Price Range: $1499-$1599

Smartly Secure Your Smart Home

Logic Vault Door

The Lockdown Logic Vault Door seems tailor-made for the smart home revolution. While it does operate without the use of its encrypted WiFi capabilities, you’ll get the most out of the door by connecting it to the Lockdown Logic app.

Through the app, you can automate your security with customized actions. For instance, the vault door features security sensors that can alert you to any tampering, door opening, or incorrect code entry.

The app also lets you use 2-factor authentication for added security. Since you can set up to 10 unique entry codes, the app allows you to validate, from your phone or tablet, when those codes get punched in.

The app also lets you track temperature and humidity levels within the room. If the temperature or humidity falls outside of the predetermined range, the app will notify you.

Of course, without WiFi, you still use the app to get the basic functionality of the door. You can view the temp/humidity readings on the keypad. Bluetooth connectivity alone lets you set and use up to 10 entry codes. Finally, you can set up audible alarms to go off anytime the door is opened or tampered with. Activating WiFi simply expands the capabilities of the Lockdown Logic Vault Door.

Good Old Fashioned Security

Aside from the smart features, the Lockdown Logic Vault Door also provides security in the more traditional sense. It features 10 solid stainless steel locking bolts that can withstand up to 500,000 lbs. of shear force.

It also features an anti-pry door handle on the outside of the door. Lockdown’s proprietary handle sits flush with the surface of the door, and when a correct code is entered, the handle automatically extends out. Once you lock the door, the handle retracts again. This setup works particularly well if you plan to place the door behind something like a bookcase.

Prying or tampering with the handle has no effect on the actual locks, so even if a pry bar does make it under the handle, the bolts stay in place.

Lockdown constructs the door itself using a solid AR500 steel armor plate, rendering it near impervious to drill attacks and bullets.


The Lockdown Logic Vault Door comes with a wall plug adapter that provides the door with constant power from your AC outlet. It can connect from either the inside or the outside of the door.

However, the door also comes with battery alligator clips, which let you power the door via any standard 12-volt battery if you don’t have access to a wall outlet. This is also an option for operating the door in the event of a power failure, though the door also features built-in rechargeable batteries for this purpose.

Lockdown Logic Vault Door Options and Pricing

The Lockdown Logic Vault Door comes in 28–30″ outswing and 30–32″ inswing varieties. They can fit into 30–32″ wide, or 32–34″ wide x 80″ tall rough openings. With a thickness of 4.5-inches, the doors fit a 2×4 wall with 1/2-inch drywall on both sides. You can fit these doors into thicker walls as well, but extra trim could be required to fully finish the interior edge. Given the secure nature of the doors, a block wall might be a good thing to pair with it.

The vault doors come prehung in a solid steel frame and include all the mounting hardware to be fully installed. They also come with trim and a solid steel threshold that sits directly on the floor. The threshold includes a 3/4-inch tall lip to fully secure the opening, even from the bottom.

You can buy the Lockdown Logic Vault Door directly from the Lockdown website. The 30/32″ inward swing door retails for $1499, while the 32/34″ outward swinging door retails for $1599.

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