Manufacturer: Delta

We review the latest tools from Delta Machinery. We let you know what products, like the Delta Cruzer miter saw, present new and innovative features. For carpenters and woodworking professionals and enthusiasts, this brand continues to impress.

Delta 23-199 8-inch Benchtop Grinder Preview

Delta 23-199 8-inch Benchtop Grinder Preview

Delta Power Equipment Corporation introduced two new bench grinders this week. The larger of the two is the 8-inch Model 23-199, which features a patented tool-less quick change nut and tool-less wheel cover so you can swap out or change grinding or polishing wheels quickly and easily. The grinder runs at variable speed and has a front-mounted speed dial to dial the grinder in from 2,000 to 3,400 RPM. The Model 23-199 also features a cast iron base to give it more stability and holding power and which also serves to reduce vibration during use. Four rubber feet are also included to help prevent movement. The full-size clear safety shield utilizes thumb screws for easy adjustment.

delta unisaw table saw

Delta Unisaw Table Saw

Delta Machinery, which introduced the industry’s first and only 10-inch industrial cabinet saw with the Unisaw name in the 1930’s, announced that it has completely re-engineered and re-designed its flagship table saw from the ground up. One of the unique features of this new saw is the riving knife. A lever on the front of the saw can be pulled to instantly (and toollessly) drop the riving knife down for non-through (blind) cuts.You can even remove the riving knife as needed, simply by pulling it out.