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Manufacturer: ECHO

With a focus on professional lawn care professionals, we review the latest Echo string trimmers, blowers, and hedge trimmers. Their outdoor power tools impress with torque and speed while newer battery-powered tools begin to offer new opportunities for those seeking quieter products with no emissions.

Review9.5(out of 10)
ECHO PB-9010 Backpack Blower Review

ECHO PB-9010T Backpack Blower Review

ECHO PB-9010 Backpack Blower Crushes Our Newton Force Test Anytime we hear a tool claim to be the strongest, we have to get it in our hands. This time, it’s the ECHO PB-9010 backpack blower and it has been exceeding our expectations! Pros Strongest blower we’ve tested 1110 CFM, 220 MPH, 48 Newton ratings (spoiler: […]

ECHO SRM-410X Straight Shaft Trimmer

Echo Brush Cutter Power in a String Trimmer Body We’ve all seen professional landscapers rip the guards off their trimmers, let out tons of string and go to town. Manufacturers kinda hate that—well, except Echo apparently. The new Echo SRM-410X Straight Shaft Trimmer slings out a 20″ cutting swath. And it’s designed with enough horsepower […]

Echo Wheeled Trimmers

Echo Wheeled Trimmers | Three Models

Echo Releases Three Wheeled Trimmers to Attack Weeds Easily and Comfortably Wheeled string trimmers seem to be all the rage these days (we’re guessing a patent recently expired). We’ve seen models from DR Trimmers and Troy-Bilt, and now Echo has joined in the fun with three models. The Echo line of Wheeled String Trimmers has […]

Echo Hand Pruner

ECHO HP-42 Hand Pruner

Echo Hand Pruner Increases Hydroponic Yields Echo created the HP-42 Hand Pruner specifically for urban farming, herb farming, commercial farming, and the home gardening set. To date, the HP-42 is the lightest and most user-friendly precision-cutting hand pruner Echo has released. Echo on Pruning When done properly, pruning eradicates any excess green tissue, which leads […]

Review7.5(out of 10)

Echo 58V Mower CLM-58V4AH Review

4 Years Later, Echo 58V Mower is Being Passed By Newer Options We tested out 24 different mower models recently, taking a gander at your standard residential gas mowers as well as commercial models. We looked at many of the best battery-powered options available, both push and self-propelled. The 58V Echo mower showed up for […]

Best Gas String Trimmer for Pros and Property Owners

Best Gas String Trimmer for Pros and Property Owners

Tim Johnson over at OPE Reviews just wrapped up a ton of testing to find the best gas string trimmer for Pros and for those of you just looking to maintain your property. With 10 models in the shootout, there’s a balance of 2-stroke and 4-stroke models to choose from. Best Gas String Trimmer Starting […]

Echo High-Torque String Trimmer SRM-2620T

Echo High-Torque String Trimmer SRM-2620T

Sorting through the wide array of professional level string trimmers can be overwhelming. A lot of Pros are pretty brand loyal, so that helps when it’s time for a replacement. However, if you’re looking to switch brands, or perhaps you’re a property owner that prefers Pro-grade lawn care equipment, consider an Echo High-Torque String Trimmer like […]

Review8.3(out of 10)
Echo 58V Cordless Blower Gen 2

Echo 58V Cordless Blower Review – Model CPLB-58V2AH (Gen 2)

Echo’s first foray into the cordless OPE world wasn’t bad, but it’s blower was kind of like the weird kid in the group with a strange design and okay performance. The Echo 58V Cordless Blower Version 2 gets a much sleeker jet fan design and a performance boost. It’s maturing and is beginning to look […]

Review9.8(out of 10)
Echo 58V Chainsaw Review

Echo 58V Chainsaw Review CCS-58V4AH

I recently had all kinds of fun conducting a shootout of eight battery-operated chainsaws for Pro Tool Reviews. As I mentioned at the time, I did a similar test four years ago but the field was much thinner due to the relative lack of power compared to what we have today. Now, more manufacturers are […]

Review8.5(out of 10)
Echo 58V Hedge Trimmer Feature

Echo 58V Hedge Trimmer Review

You keep hearing us say it – cordless outdoor power equipment (OPE) is gaining huge momentum. Part of it is the convenience of not maintaining a small gas engine. Part of it noise reduction. With future noise reduction requirements picking up more support, I’m glad that we have so many options on the market already […]