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Manufacturer: Husky

Review9.2(out of 10)

Husky 56-Inch Tool Cabinet

We’re not short on tools around the shop and we’re not short on tool storage, either. We’ve got a literal ton of tool chests, tool cabinets, workbenches, and various other storage options in the shop. It’s pretty great that we’re so spoiled for choice around here. With that said, it probably ought to mean something […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Husky Mobile Workbench with Adjustable-Height Solid Wood Top

Husky Mobile Workbench with Adjustable-Height Solid Wood Top

We had an idea for a heavy-duty rolling DIY workbench for the Pro Tool Reviews shop. It involved getting a couple of existing workbenches and modifying them somewhat. One of the “ingredients” was the Husky Mobile Workbench with Adjustable-Height Solid Wood Top. Before we went crazy, however, we thought we’d review this 72-inch long Husky workbench […]

Husky Portable Jobsite Workbench

Husky Portable Jobsite Workbench

Do a Google search for “portable workbench” and you’ll get about 12 million results, give or take. One of them is the Husky Portable Jobsite Workbench that you can pick from the Home Depot for about $80. Competing in a Tough Market Most portable workbenches aren’t just a portable workbench anymore. They have to compete […]

Husky Weather-Resistant Leather Glove

Husky Weather-Resistant Leather Glove Review

Looking for a relatively inexpensive pair of leather work gloves that resist various wet weather conditions? Look no further than one of Home Depot’s newest releases, the Husky Weather-Resistant Leather Glove. It might be devoid of any major bells and whistles, but for your run-of-the-mill work glove needs, these ought to fit the bill. After […]

Review8.1(out of 10)
Husky 700-Lumen Aluminum Flashlight Review

Husky 700-Lumen Aluminum Flashlight Review

Founded in 1924, Husky makes tools that aim to emphasize quality, durability, and design. And, of course, you find them at Home Depot. Today, we’re looking at one of the company’s newer product releases, the Husky 700-Lumen Aluminum Flashlight. Retailing for the relatively low price of $19.97, the new Husky light checks the box for […]

Husky Ratcheting Wrench 20-Piece Set

Husky Ratcheting Wrench 20-Piece Set

Around here, we tend to get excited about some very particular things. One of those things happens to be ratcheting wrenches. For whatever reason, we just can’t get enough of them. We also happen to get really jazzed over bargains. And, really, who doesn’t? So, if you’re anything like us, you might do yourself a […]

Home Depot ProSpective 2017 Media Event Atlanta

Home Depot ProSpective Media Event in Atlanta

The Home Depot ProSpective media event marked the company’s first foray into bringing all their major manufacturing partners together under one roof for the media. Magazines, online publications, and bloggers from all over the country were brought in to check out some of the hottest tools on the market. Before this, we got a chance to see the Home Depot […]

Home Depot Product Quality & Engineering Laboratory Tour

Home Depot Product Quality and Engineering Laboratory Tour

Did you know that The Home Depot had a Home Depot Product Quality and Engineering Laboratory? We didn’t, though once we saw it, we’re not sure how any major retailer of power tools could do without one. Starting the Home Depot Product Quality and Engineering Laboratory Tour Our Home Depot Product Quality and Engineering Laboratory tour started off […]

Review9.5(out of 10)
Husky Tool Box and Work Bench Review

Husky 52-inch Tool Chest and Work Bench Review

I liked my old Husky tool chest. It had nice secure-latch drawers that kept them closed. It was black, so it didn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Those Husky tool boxes were priced competitively and had some features that made them a pretty good value. I also loved the 46″ Husky workbench and continue using it even today. Where they may have been […]

Husky 26 inch 6 Drawer Tool Chest

Husky 26 inch 6 Drawer Tool Chest 26PCHTHD Review

All tool guys know that if you are going to have a man-sized collection of hand tools, then it is imperative to have a good storage system. What makes a mechanic project a breeze is when you can open a drawer, and right there at your fingertips is the exact socket or wrench you need. If you are looking for a bench-top tool box with ball bearing drawers, lots of storage and all steel construction, then chances are that the Husky 26PCHTHD 26 inch 6 Drawer Tool Chest will serve you well. This tool box has all the looks, features and quality of a high end tool box, but at a very modest price.