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Manufacturer: Senco

You can’t have a tool review site without Senco nailer reviews. The brand has established itself with a reputation for manufacturing excellent nailers. Beyond that, they have pioneered cordless nailer technology with products like the Senco Fusion F-15 angled finish nailer. The Senco FinishPro 30XP 15-gauge finish nailer is also a great performer and set the bar for lightweight pneumatic finish nailers. Senco makes their nailers so that no oil required and they eliminate downtime caused by fastener jams with quick-release mechanisms. Overall, we’ve really enjoyed using Senco products, and they seem to hold up very well against the competition. Senco Nailer Reviews for Pro Framers and Carpenters If you’re a professional framer you’ve likely used either Hitachi or Senco nailers (or both). These brands, along with a few others, really dominate the industry. Senco has established itself as a leader and continues to impress us with innovation and new products.

Senco DS215-XP application

Senco DS215-XP 2″ Duraspin Features Battery Upgrade

The new Senco DS215-XP 2″ Cordless Auto-Feed Screw Driver Kit is on the market featuring an upgraded battery. The new 18V 3.0 Ah Lithium-Ion battery delivers up to 1,400 drives per charge. the 3.0 Ah batteries is a welcome step forward from their 1.5 Ah batteries. In addition to the extended run time, users get the same […]

Senco Mantis Deck Clip System

Senco Mantis Deck Clip System

Hidden deck fastening systems are all but a must for professional builders these days. Not everyone demands them, but discerning customers prefer the clean look. As a deck builder, offering a hidden fastening system immediately gives the impression that you are a more skilled professional than those that don’t. Senco has joined the hidden fastener […]

Review9.2(out of 10)
Senco 325XP

Senco FramePro 325FRHXP Review

In speaking with carpenters who recently built a pole barn for me, there were preferences for what kind of tool they use to drive nails. Some crews were hammer-only crews. Others were Paslode crews. I’m not going to try and change your mind about whether hammer and nail, cartridge, or full pneumatic is best. I’ll […]

Senco Cordless Drywall Promo Kit

Senco Cordless Drywall Promo Kit (DS215-SR10) Preview

Here at Pro Tool Reviews, we’ve got a soft spot for Senco. We give a lot of love to their pneumatic products – both their nailers and compressors are excellent. A recent review of the SHF200 Flooring Nailer left us duly impressed. What often gets overlooked is their cordless tools. It’s been a while (2012 to […]

Review9.5(out of 10)
Senco Duraspin DS425AC Feature

Senco DuraSpin DS425AC Deck Installation Review

A few months ago (before the Senco Duraspin DS425AC showed up and changed my life), I had the pleasure of building an 814 sq. ft. deck. I created this beauty from making what seemed like countless cuts in 2×6 pressure treated boards with a Ridgid 12″ sliding compound miter saw. I prefer 2×6 over 5/4 deck […]

Senco PC0968 Featured

Senco PC0968 Air Compressor Review

I have tested the new Senco PC0968 Air Compressor for about a month now and must say that it is a great little compressor. Compressors are of two types, diaphragm, and piston. The former is for light-duty, low output situations. A good example is a 12-volt emergency compressor you carry in the car. It takes a […]

Senco RoofPro 445XP

Senco RoofPro 445XP Roofing Nailer Preview

Senco has announced the expansion of their RoofPro series of coil nailers. The Senco RoofPro 445Xp shares many of the same roofing features as others in the family. It still holds an full coil of 120 fasteners with the same range (3/4″ to 1-3/4″) that the other two models accept. The big deal with the […]

2014 Pro Tool Innovation Awards

2014 Pro Tool Innovation Awards – Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatic tools… tools that are powered by air. Ever since I got my first air rifle, I’ve been amazed at just how much power compressed air can deliver. Dominated by nailers this year, here’s a look at the best pneumatic tools that the year has to offer for the 2014 Pro Tool Innovation Awards. Winner […]

Review9.1(out of 10)
Senco SHF200 Review

Senco SHF200 Hardwood Flooring Nailer Review

Senco SHF200 Flooring Nailer and Senco PC1280 Portable Air Compressor Make a Great Pair Phase 3 of the Plating Home Renovation had begun, it was time to clean out the storage room in pursuit of a smartly appointed home office.  “Operation Storage Room Conversion” would require a full remodel: from ripping out old carpet, installing a […]

Senco SHFS200

Senco SHFS200 Flooring Stapler First Look

The Senco SHFS200 flooring stapler is designed to make your hardwood flooring installation much easier as a professional or serious DIYer. This is a mallet actuated system that features best in class power (547 inch pounds at 100 PSI). It utilizes 15.5 gauge, 1/2″ crown staples that are 1″ – 2″ in length. What I […]