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Milwaukee Cut Resistant Dipped Gloves

Milwaukee Dipped Gloves

Coming this month, Milwaukee Tool will release 3 new ANSI/ISEA-rated cut-resistant gloves. For those who don’t know yet, in 2016, the American National Standards Institute released a new edition 105 standard. The new Milwaukee Dipped Gloves are some of the first on the market to align with the new scale and testing method, as well as the EN ratings for abrasion, cut, tear, and puncture.

This ANSI standard updates reveal new testing methods which include a new scale for determining cut scores. The new standard increases the cut score scale from 1 to 9 to provide more consistency levels, as well as with the European (EN 388) ratings. Each of the 9 cut score levels is determined by the amount of cutting force the glove can withstand. ANSI/ISEA Level 1 ratings can withstand lighter weight forces, while Level 9 ratings withstand greater, heavier force.

From Milwaukee

“As jobsite safety is emphasized across the nation, users increasingly need hand protection that is comfortable, durable and provides the dexterity needed to work with small fasteners and fittings. Through a proprietary knitting process and a nitrile dip, these new gloves provide outstanding durability, perform well in a wide range of temperatures and are resistant to most common chemicals and solvents found on the jobsite; all while maintaining an excellent grip and all-day comfort.”

Matt Vargo, Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee Cut Resistant Dipped Gloves for 3 Different Cut Levels

Milwaukee Dipped Gloves

All of the new models of the Milwaukee Dipped Gloves carry an EN 388 rating and are designed to provide all-day comfort and durability. They feature a proprietary knitting that protects the user at key ANSI/ISEA cut levels. They also all feature Milwaukee’s SmartSwipe technology to allow users access to touchscreens without the annoyance of having to remove their gloves.

Cut Level 1 Dipped Gloves

These gloves feature a textured nitrile palm which offers a better grip on smaller materials, as well as increased dexterity. The nylon and lycra blend provides some moisture wicking to keep your hands dry throughout the day. Milwaukee incorporates SmartSwipe technology into the tip of the index finger to allow the user gloved touchscreen access.

Milwaukee gloves with touchscreen usability

Cut Level 3 Dipped Gloves

The level 3 gloves prevent injuries from sharp objects on the jobsite. They also feature a Comfort Web Grip that provides not only a comfortable grip, but also maximum dexterity for handling small objects. These gloves also feature the nitrile dip material for best-in-class puncture resistance. These gloves provide both fingertip and palm access to touchscreens through the SmartSwipe tech.

MIlwaukee Cut Resistant Gloves

Demanding jobsite applications demand tough, durable gloves to help prevent injuries. These cut level 5 gloves provide enough cut protection for sheet metal and glass work, wire stripping, and ducting. The level 5 gloves get a double-dipped treatment of the nitrile grip for improved puncture and cut resistance. These also feature SmartSwipe fingertips and palms.

Cut Level 5 Dipped Gloves

MIlwaukee Cut Resistant Gloves

Milwaukee Dipped Glove User Groups, Applications, and Ratings

Milwaukee Dipped Gloves

Cut Resistant Milwaukee Dipped Gloves Features

  • EN 388 Rating
  • Nitrile dip
  • SmartSwipe Technology
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Available: November 2017

Milwaukee Dipped Gloves and Size Options

Cut Level 1 Dipped Gloves ($3.99)

cut-resistant gloves

  • Small               (48-22-8900)
  • Medium           (48-22-8901)
  • Large               (48-22-8902)
  • X-Large           (48-22-8903)
  • XX-Large         (48-22-8904)

Cut-Resitance Level 3 Dipped Gloves ($9.99)

  • Small               (48-22-8930)
  • Medium           (48-22-8931)
  • Large               (48-22-8932)
  • X-Large           (48-22-8933)
  • XX-Large         (48-22-8934)glove palms

Cut Level 5 Dipped Gloves ($13.99)

  • Small               (48-22-8950)
  • Medium           (48-22-8951)
  • Large               (48-22-8952)
  • X-Large           (48-22-8953)
  • XX-Large         (48-22-8954)

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David S

I have a pair of no name gloves of this type that although the nitrile coating is starting to crack and peel between the thumb and forefinger, have worked out well so far. I’m not in the construction trade so they are only used at home, but I would like to try a pair of these once they hit the market. If I was still working as an automotive tech, these would surely be in my tool box.

Mar Tino


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