Milwaukee Glass and Tile Drill Bits Tiling & Flooring Tool Reviews

Milwaukee Glass and Tile Bits with Carbide

Milwaukee Glass and Tile Bits Walk Less and Drill Cleanly

With an exact start tip, the Milwaukee Glass and Tile drill bits drill clean holes with a minimal amount of walking. Designed for use in glass and ceramic tile, these bits should work really well for many kitchen and bath applications.

10-Second Summary

  • Milwaukee Glass and Tile Drill Bits
  • Exact start tip reduces walking
  • Reinforced, sharpened carbide head increases durability
  • Not recommended for porcelain tile
  • Available in 1/4″ and 1/2″ sizes
  • Prices: $7.97 (1/4″) and $14.97 (1/2″)


Turn Your Drill Into a Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Machine

The magic of these Milwaukee bits revolves around the tip design. Milwaukee claims the reinforced, sharpened carbide heads not only drill faster than other bits on the market but that they’re also designed to last longer.

These carbide heads have been precision-ground to drill super clean holes in glass and ceramic tile. And, with minimal bit walking, you can start your holes accurately. Based on just design and construction, they seem best-suited for these more delicate materials. Harder material like porcelain tile may do better with diamond-coated bits.


The recent additions to the Milwaukee glass and tile bit line come in two sizes: 1/4-in. and 1/2-in. They meet ANSI B212.15 specs to fit common anchors. Milwaukee recommends you only use these bits with a drill-diver. Basically, you don’t want to try to chuck them up in a router or rotary tool!

These bits from Milwaukee mark a new entry for the company. Plumbers and remodelers frequently need either tile or multi-material bits for shower and bath installs. We like seeing this gap closed with some products that make a lot of sense.

Milwaukee Glass and Tile Drill Bits

  • 48-20-8982 — 1/4 in. Glass and Tile Bit: $7.97
  • 48-20-8985 — 1/2 in. Glass and Tile Bit: $14.97
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