Milwaukee M18 Force Logic 1590 ACSR Cable Cutter

Milwaukee M18 FORCE LOGIC 9T Utility Cutter

There’s a new cutter option for utility linemen in the Milwaukee M18 Force Logic 1590 ACSR Cable Cutter. It features an automatically-closing, self-latching jaw that can be opened with one hand. It works even while wearing Class 3 gloves. The cutter delivers up to 200 cuts per charge on the XC 5.0 battery. Even better? It weighs just under 12 pounds!

Cordless Milwaukee 1590 ACSR Cable Cutter

The Cordless M18 Milwaukee 1590 ACSR Cable Cutter is also compatible with Milwaukee One-Key technology. One-Key lets users sync tools and equipment wirelessly with their mobile device or desktop. Tool electronics connect to a cloud-based program to provide the ability to customize, track, determine service intervals, and manage tool operation and inventory.

Milwaukee 2777-21 1590 ACSR Cable Cutter

“Hand ratchet tools put a strain on the body and are difficult to use. Cordless transmission cutters are large, challenging to align, and have a latch-style cutting head that is extremely awkward to close around the wire during mid-span cuts. This ultimately makes set-up a three-handed operation. Our self-latching design enables users to open the jaw with just one hand for easier alignment straight to the wire. During those mid-span cuts, the wire automatically closes the jaw so the user doesn’t need to juggle with pins or awkward reaching.  Fully balanced and under 12lbs, this new solution delivers the best control for Linemen.”

Paige Bovard, Group Manager of Product Management for Milwaukee Tool
Cordless Milwaukee 1590 ACSR Cable Cutter

Milwaukee 2777-21 Kit

The Milwaukee M18 Force Logic 9T Utility Cutter is sold as a kit and includes M18 Force Logic 1590 ACSR Cutter, Side Handle, M18 RedLithium XC5.0 Extended Capacity Battery Pack, M18 Lithium-ion AC/DC Wall and Vehicle Charger, Milwaukee Carabineer, Manual, and a Utility Bag.

Milwaukee M18 Force Logic 1590 ACSR CableCutter Features

  • Model: 2777-21
  • Self-latching jaw design enables opening with one hand with Class 3 Gloves
  • Wire automatically closes the jaw, providing hands-free jaw closure
  • More than 200 cuts per charge.
  • One-Key compatibility
  • Hydraulic output force: 9 tons
  • Cut capacity: Up to 1590 Falcon ACSR
  • Length: 16.75 in.
  • Weight: 11.75 lbs.
  • Price: $2969

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