October 28, 2021

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Milwaukee M18 Fuel Utility Fencing Stapler

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Utility Fencing Stapler

Fresh off the press, the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Utility Fencing Stapler has us buzzing today. Instead of manually hammering staples, this promises to make the chore much, much easier.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Utility Fencing Stapler | What We Know So Far

The first thing we wanted to know was what gauge this stapler can handle. The fact that this one can fire 9-gauge staples is a big deal. 10-gauge staples are easier to fire and there have only been a couple of other successful 9-gauge models so far. Stockade has a gas cartridge/battery model and DeWalt has a battery-only version.

As an M18 Fuel product, Milwaukee uses its brushless motor technology to get better performance and runtime, and the runtime estimates are impressive. Using just a 3.0Ah High Output battery, Milwaukee tells us to expect up to 600 staples on a charge. For most folks, that’s all-day runtime without having to increase the weight with a higher capacity battery.

In terms of speed, Milwaukee claims you can set your staples up to six times faster than manual hammering. Plus, it has the power to sink into tough utility poles and fence posts.

The overall shape of the tool is different from Milwaukee’s cordless framing nailer. Its handle area is specifically designed to let you work easily when you’re wearing leather or insulated gloves required for utility work. There’s also a large lanyard loop to tether the tool while you’re off the ground.

This is all great news for utility workers and linemen, but it’s also welcome news for agriculture. Our friend, Eli Mosely is already chomping at the bit to get this in hands for the new fencing and repairs he has to take care of on the ranch.

Milwaukee Staples Only

Here’s the caveat: you have to use Milwaukee’s staples with this nailer. They have a diamond crown shape specifically designed to work with this nailer’s driving mechanism. When it comes to these cordless staplers, we’ve had to buy tool-specific staples before, so this isn’t a huge surprise.

Milwaukee 9-gauge staples

Look for Milwaukee 9-gauge staples in 1 1/2, 1 3/4, and 2-inch lengths. Here’s the skinny on those:

  • Hot dipped galvanized
  • Barbed and coated divergent legs
  • Diamond crown design
  • Only compatible with the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Utilty Fencing Stapler

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Utility Fencing Stapler Price

The information we received for the stapler is really early and we don’t have an estimated retail price for the bare tool or kit. We do know that it’s slated for release in summer 2022.

As we learn more, we’ll update this page, so be sure to check back in at protoolreviews.com often!

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Always wrong

Proprietary staples, not gonna happen. I mean, I don’t need a fence stapler but if I bought a tool I couldn’t go to any hardware store and buy the fasteners I’m out.

Also, 7/16 staple gun, c’mon.

whitney alvarez

Why the hell are all the other nail guns, and finish nailers manufactured without a lanyard loop? I would love to have a lanyard loop on my framing gun.

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