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Milwaukee MX FUEL Sewer Drum Machine with PowerTredz MXF501-1CP

Milwaukee MX FUEL sewer drum machine

The Milwaukee MX FUEL sewer drum machine (MXF501-1CP) simplifies sewer calls, letting a single person tackle a 200-foot auger job. Even better, the proprietary PowerTredz system turns the tool into a veritable tank. It lets the onboard battery drive the sewer drum in and out of a service van or even up and down the stairs.

This tool finally places plumbers in the targeting crosshairs of the Milwaukee MX FUEL equipment line of tools. The MX FUEL battery and brushless motor give it the power it needs to clear roots up to 200 feet away. An enclosed drum then keeps the mess contained when you reel the auger back in. As far as features go, Milwaukee clearly put some serious thought into this tool.

Milwaukee sewer drum machine stairs

The Powertredz Lift Assist System

Essentially, the Powertredz Lift Assist System sends power from the battery to a brushless motor that drives a pair of “tank treads”. These treads let you lower the Milwaukee MXF501-1CP from the work van single-handedly. You could also take the 119-pound machine up or down a flight of stairs without an assistant.

Milwaukee MXF501-1CP Powertredz lift assist

While the MXF501-1CP includes Powertredz, you can also choose the MXF500-1CP if you want to save some money and don’t need the feature. Controls seem easy to use with a Mode switch and Ascend/Descend select right below the handle and above the battery.

Milwaukee MX FUEL MXF501-1CP controls

Other Milwaukee MX FUEL Sewer Drum Machine Features

The Milwaukee MX FUEL Sewer Drum Machine clears roots in 3 to 8-inch sewer lateral lines (8-inches is the max, with 3- to 6-inches recommended). Because the tool uses brushless motor technology, the runtime should let you tackle multiple jobs before having to swap out the pack. Milwaukee gives you an integrated drum brake with a Rapid Stop button that quickly releases the cable drive bearings to prevent the cable from binding.

MX FUEL Sewer Drum Machine

The MX Fuel compact CP203 battery pack makes sense on a tool that already weighs over 100 pounds. If you find you need more runtime, the tool accommodates the larger XC406 battery as well. No matter what pack you use, eliminating extension cords certainly helps safety with a tool designed to be used in or near water.

Auto-Feed and Retract

As you’d expect, the Milwaukee MXF501-1CP uses the same Cable Drive Automatic Feed and Retract system you find on the Milwaukee M18 FUEL sewer sectional machine. It automates the process of pulling back the heavy 5/8″ or 3/4″ cable from pipes.

Milwaukee MXF501-1CP angled

Milwaukee One-Key Tool Tracking

Integrated Milwaukee One-Key means you can track the machine using the company’s mesh network. It can also seamlessly connect to the One-Key inventory management system for checking it in and out of the tool crib.


When we look at the entire line, Milwaukee offers the industry’s most complete cordless drain cleaning lineup. They have everything from the compact Milwaukee M12 drain snake and M12 air snake to the M18 drain snake and the aforementioned sewer sectional machine. They also seem to supply all of the necessary cables and attachments to handle any job you throw this tool at.

Available Cable and Attachments

Cat. No.Description
48-53-23255/8″ x 25′ Inner Core Drum Cable
48-53-23505/8″ x 50′ Inner Core Drum Cable
48-53-23105/8″ x 100′ Inner Core Drum Cable
48-53-24253/4″ x 25′ Inner Core Drum Cable
48-53-24503/4″ x 50′ Inner Core Drum Cable
48-53-24103/4″ x 100′ Inner Core Drum Cable
48-53-29053/4″ Anchor Cable
48-53-29023/4″ x 2′ Leader Cable
48-53-28025/8″ x 2′ Leader Cable
48-53-2830Straight Auger
48-53-2831Funnel Auger
48-53-28323″ Root Cutter
48-53-28334″ Root Cutter
48-53-28346″ Root Cutter
48-53-2835Small Opening Tool
48-53-2836Medium Opening Tool
48-53-28373″ Grease Cutter
48-53-28384″ Grease Cutter
48-53-2840Head Attachment Kit

Milwaukee MXF501-1CP Specifications

  • Models: Milwaukee MXF501-1CP or MXF500-1CP
  • Battery System: MX FUEL
  • Drain line capacity: 200 ft.
  • Drum Capacity: 100 ft (5/8 or 3/4 in. cable)
  • Fully-enclosed drum
  • Recommended Pipe Sizes: 3–8 in.
  • Feed Type: Manual or automatic w/ speed control
  • Cable spin speed: 200 RPM
  • Powertredz battery-operated stair track system
  • Integrated wheeled dolly system
  • Milwaukee One-Key tool tracking
  • Battery level LED gauge (4-bar)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 32.5 x 22 x 47 in.
  • Weight (MXF501-1CP/MXF500-1CP): 120 lbs. / 110 lbs.
  • Warranty: 2-years (equipment & battery)
  • Kit Includes: MX Fuel sewer drum machine w/ PowerTredz, MX Fuel RedLithium CP203 Compact Battery (MXFCP203); MX Fuel charger (MXFC)
  • MXF500-1CP model available without Powertredz Lift Assist
  • Price: $3,499 (MXF501-1CP)

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You want to go beyond 100′ don’t buy (Design Flaw)We are a plumbing company and have a bunch of Milwaukee tools and have really enjoyed their products. We were looking forward to our new MX FUEL™ Sewer Drum Machine w/ POWERTREDZ™ and when it arrived we were at awe and excited to put to work!! When we looked further we found a misleading Flaw!! Yes the Machine says Power to clear roots at 200′ but no easy way to change out a 100′ drum with another 100′ to get to 200′. This is a huge disappointment because 50% of our… Read more »

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