Milwaukee Wireless Dust Control Adapter and Remote Control

Milwaukee Wireless Dust Control Adapter and Remote Control

Convert Your Vacuum To Wire Activation With The Milwaukee Wireless Dust Control Adapter And Remote Control

With the M18 Fuel track saw and other cordless power tools coming out that benefit from active dust collection, having a wireless option to activate your vacuum is valuable. The Milwaukee wireless dust control adapter and its corresponding remote control take a step further to make it a reality.

Milwaukee Wire Dust Control Adapter and Remote Control: The Big Deal

Milwaukee Wireless Dust Control Adapter and Remote Control

Milwaukee’s first wireless vacuum activation system consists of a receiver module and remote control. The receiver requires a standard 120V plug and connects to a standard wall outlet or into an extension cord. One of the nice things Milwaukee did is design the housing in a way that leaves the bottom outlet available when you use the top outlet on a wall.

Milwaukee 0950 Wall Adapter

There are trade-offs to using a remote control system that isn’t directly connected to the tool. On one hand, you don’t have automatic tool activation when you pull the trigger. On the other, it doesn’t matter what tool you’re using. It can be corded or cordless, handheld or benchtop, and doesn’t even have to be a Milwaukee product. Because you’re pressing the button on the remote instead of relying on the tool, there’s a lot more freedom.

Milwaukee’s remote control (model 0951-20) pairs to the wireless dust control adapter (model 0950-20) in less than 3 seconds and has a range of up to 100 feet. You’re able to pair multiple remotes to the same adapter in case you have more than one crew member taking advantage of that adapter.

The remote also comes with both a belt clip and strap, so you can select which is the most convenient for the way you’re using it. You can even strap it to the tool if that’s easiest for you.

Milwaukee 0951 Remote Control

Additional Highlights

  • LED indicators for pairing success and operation
  • Remote uses a CR2032 battery

Milwaukee Wire Dust Control Adapter and Remote Control Price

You can get your hands on Milwaukee’s activation system in two ways. The 0950-20 set includes the adapter and remote for $119. If you want additional remotes, they’re available on their own as the 0951-20 for $49.

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