Monument Grills Mesa 400M Propane Grill

Monument Grills Mesa 400M Propane Grill

Get Grillin’ While The Grillin’s Good Without Spending An Arm And A Leg

Ready for a new grill and don’t want to drop $1000 on it? We’ve been using the Monument Grills Mesa 400M propane grill and it’s worth a closer look.

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Using the Monument Grills Mesa 400M Propane Grill

Heatin’ Things Up

Grilling Surface

The Monument Mesa propane grill has a foundation similar to many propane grills on the market. Four burners on the grill itself give you plenty of room to cook for the whole family.

In terms of space, the main porcelain-coated cast iron grates offer 392 square inches of cooking space. There’s also an indirect cooking tray that adds another 132 square inches to your cooking area. We had 8 burgers and 5 sausages cooking at once on the main grilling surface, and there was still room for more. Monument’s estimate of feeding 6 – 8 people with this grill is on target and most of those folks will get seconds.

There’s also a side burner, so it’s easy to whip up a sauce or sauté some veggies in a pan while the rest of your food gets flame-kissed on the grill.

Monument Grills Mesa 400M Propane Grill

Monument’s Blue Blaze technology targets improvements in combustion efficiency and minimizes CO emissions. Overall, the combination of burners can put out some serious heat for the grill’s size, maxing at 52,000 BTUs (10,000 for each main burner and 12,000 for the side burner).

The main burners are comprised of 304 stainless steel, which promotes a longer grilling life and doesn’t rust (under normal atmospheric conditions). In areas like ours where there’s salt in the air from the ocean, you’ll eventually see rust, but it should take longer than grills with cheaper components. The side burner is made from cast aluminum.

Less carbon monoxide is good, but that doesn’t mean the grill is safe to use inside. Always cook where there’s plenty of airflow.

Light Up The Night

Backlit Burner Knobs

The burner knobs themselves feature blue LED backlighting, which comes in handy when you’re grilling at night. The LEDs run on four AA batteries in the grill’s battery box. Just hit the button to the right of the burners to turn them on.

Ignite a Fire on Your Monument Grills Mesa 400 M


The ignition is electric as well. When it’s time to get started, open the lid, turn the burners you want to use up to high, and press the ignition button. You’ll hear the igniter clicking. Keep pressing the ignition until all of the burners you have on light up.

Room With a View

Monument Clear View Window

Another feature we particularly enjoy is the clear viewing window, aptly named the Clearview Lid. This lets you check up on the cooking progress of your food without lifting the lid and allowing heat to escape. It does collect some buildup over time, so be sure to clean it every few meals to keep your view clear.

Easy Access

Grease Trap

While you’re cleaning that, be sure to empty the grease trap. It’s super-accessible from the rear of the grill. Just be sure to let the grill cool down before reaching in there.

How’s it Hangin’?

Monument Grills Mesa 400M Propane Grill Tool Hangers

Monument includes 4 utensil hooks that install under the shelf on the left-hand side. They’re super convenient for keeping your spatula and tongs handy while you cook. Having the extra shelf space is also great for setting your serving tray, seasonings, sauces, and other items on.

It Fits

Monument Grills Mesa 400M Propane Grill Profile

The other point worth making is the grill’s overall size. For a 4-burner grill with a side burner and shelf, it’s compact at just 52 1/2 inches wide and 21 inches deep.

Additional Features

  • Integrated thermometer
  • 4 swivel castor wheels

Monument Grills Mesa 400M Propane Grill Price

While some grills can run you $1,000+, the Mesa 400M retails for a much easier $419.99. Monument Grills even backs your burners with an 8-year warranty.

The Bottom Line

While the Monument Mesa 400M Propane Grill isn’t a top-of-the-line grill, it provides a great experience without breaking the bank. It’s everything you need in a mid-level gas grill, with enough room to feed your family or entertain a group during the next summer holiday at home. Having a shelf and side burner plus a Clearview window and backlit knobs are just icing on the cake.

Monument Grill Mesa 400M Propane Grill Specifications

  • Model: Monument Grills Mesa 400M
  • Length: 52.32 in
  • Width: 21.46 in
  • Height: 44.76 in
  • Weight: 83.78 lbs
  • Burner BTU: 52,000 (Main burner: 10000 x4; Side Burner 12000) 
  • Cooking area: 392 sq in
  • Grill grate material: Porcelain-coated cast iron
  • Finish: Stainless steel
  • Side burner material: Cast aluminum

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