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Hart Tools at Walmart Promise to Change the DIY Landscape

Hart Tools at Walmart Target the DIY Market

You may know Hart from their work in the professional, heavy-duty axe/sledge/crowbar world, but they’ve recently jumped into the more lucrative waters of the hand tool, accessory, and battery-powered power tool and OPE markets. What’s more, you’ll find all of these new Hart Tools at Walmart by February or online even earlier.


Hart Tool at Walmart: What Will They Have?

20V Power Tools

One of the big deals about the new lineup of Hart Tools at Walmart revolves around the new 20V battery platforms. For the brand’s power tools, we’re talking about a 20V max system (20V max is the same as 18V nominal). Like all lithium-ion batteries, they’re fade-free, meaning that the power won’t fade out after the first twenty minutes of use. These tools offer compact and lightweight builds, and some have the upgraded brushless motors that are all the rage these days.

Hart went with a slide pack battery design. That’s a big deal since it allows them more freedom in the handle design than a stem pack. The handle can be thinner and there’s potential for a more hand-fitting design.

So, what’s in store for us on the 20V platform? As far as power tools go, we’ve got drill/drivers, impact drivers, impact wrenches, hammer drills, circular saws, recip saws, angle grinders, jigsaws, oscillating multi-tools, buffers, and random orbit sanders.

Hart Tools at Walmart - Impact Wrench

Hart has some lifestyle tools available on the 20V platform as well. LED flashlights, inflators, radios, fans, and phone chargers are all available, too.

Hart Tools at Walmart - Inflator

The 20V system also includes some lawn care tools as well. String trimmers, hedge trimmers, edgers, backpack sprayers, and blowers are included.


40V Outdoor Power Equipment

Hart is taking its battery lawn care line further than just 20V max. They’ve also got a 40V battery platform scheduled to launch as well. We’re talking self-propelled and push mowers, chainsaws, handheld and backpack blowers, hedge trimmers, string trimmers, edgers, and lawn vacuums. Most of the tools in the 40V OPE lineup feature brushless motors for increased runtimes, better power management, and extended tool life.

Hart Tools at Walmart - Lawn Mower


What would a new tool line be without the appropriate accessories to make these tools work? That’s why Hart Tools has designed drill and driver sets, impact driver bit sets, titanium drill bits, glass and tile drill bits, router bits, spade bits, and masonry bits.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Nut driver and socket adapter sets are part of the new-look Hart tools at Walmart. Recip, jigsaw, and circular saw blades are coming soon, as well as more particularized sets of wire wheel brushes, grinding and cut-off wheels, hole saws, and screw extractor sets.

Hand Tools

There’s a pretty solid line of hand tools to look forward too. Hart plans mechanics tools, pliers and wrenches, screwdrivers, nut drivers, hex keys, hammers, demolition, tape measures, knives, multi-tools, and more. All of the hand tools come with a lifetime warranty.

Hart Tools at Walmart - Hand Tools

Hart is no stranger to hand tools considering they’ve been in the professional striking tools segment for a while. It will be interesting to see if they simply relabel the products they’re already making or if they’ll come in with completely new designs.

Storage and Safety

Finally, Hart is also releasing a line of storage solutions to keep your new tools in. Tool backpacks and tools bags are available, as well as a modular, rolling storage system with various bin organizers.

Impact gloves, kneepads, and safety glasses are all joining the new lineup as well.

Final Thoughts

With the new Hart Tools being sold exclusively in Walmart, we expect the Stanley, Black & Decker, and Hyper Tough tool lines to make their way out. The prices that we’ve seen so far seem very reasonable, and for a new brand launch, the whole lineup seems really deep.

With options like Skil available on Amazon, Ryobi at Home Depot, Craftsman at Lowe’s, and a few other brands like MasterForce at Menard’s rolling around, the big question is where Hart fits in that mix. We initially thought that this would be more of a true DIY level than the Prosumer mix we see from the other brands based on what Hart is displacing. After attending the launch event, it seems like it may be closer in performance, fit, and feel to the Prosumer brands.

This is really a brilliant move from Hart. Walmart doesn’t usually hit our radar when it comes to tool retailers, but with this much focus from one brand, it’s going to be hard to ignore. Hart is coming in right around Harbor Freight’s Hercules and Bauer prices when it comes to drills and drivers. If they can prove themselves to be higher quality (their 3-year warranty makes us think they will), Hart has some massive potential to pull business away from the super-value brands.

For more information about Hart Tools, click here.

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John Schiffermuller

My biggest objection is that I already have a substantial investment in B&D’s 20v line. Unless someone else offers battery compatibility, or an adapter, I’m not about to change product line and I’m not interested in a mixed lineup that requires different batteries, different chargers. I’ve already got a Firestorm 18v jigsaw (with an adapter to take 20v Max batteries), 3 drills, circular saw, reciprocating saw, pole saw, and string trimmer. Why in the world would I want to start over?

Richard Hudson

Just bought a 20v rotary tool set. I wish I could write a review on the tool itself but I can’t. Imagine my disappointment and disgust after opening the box and realizing there was no battery pack or power cord. Who expects a power tool to be sold without a means to power it. It didn’t even occur to me to look on the box to see if a battery was included. I hardly ever, ever, shop at Walmart for anything more than potato chips or soda because I half expect crap like this from them. I took a chance… Read more »

John B

At their current prices I’ll wait till they drop them for clearance prices. Too much of a logjam in this range and they don’t offer anything special.

Matt J

These are TTI tools and for the most part seem to be re-badged Ryobi tools with slide packs rather than posts.

Not saying this is necessarily a bad thing, but I kind of liked TTI’s general lack of badge engineering before. This seems like an end-around of their Ryobi exclusivity deal with HD.

Benjamine Dover

But I am so heavily invested in Hyper-Tough tools.