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Cliff Dupree

something needs to happen to make them last longer


If the tools battery pack form factor can remain the same, I dont see why new batteries cant be used on current Li-ion tools. After all look at the dewalt adapter that allows ni-cd batteries to be used on 20V max XR tools.


There is a gent in the USA that is developing Lithium-Ion battery technology with plastic as the electrolyte instead of a liquid (liquid causes the fires when impacted/heated). It does not catch fire ever and retains power even when perforated. Not sure which technology will emerge superior.

James Chester Anders

Have to agree, pretty amazing to think about. Given how long it took Li-ion batteries to become more viable, it may be a while still. Something to look forward too though just the same.

May want to clarify what kind of battery the Samsung S7 uses though. I know it’s lithium ion. Without knowing that though, the statement simply reads, “One of the biggest dangers is battery combustion.” Given the prior statement regarding the significant stability of the solid state battery, one might infer you are still referencing it.


Exciting developments, to be sure! We at AGZA (American Green Zone Alliance) have been watching the development of solid state batteries with great interest and would LOVE to see this battery revolution happen sooner than later. That said, for any of your readers who are interested in best-in-class commercial grade Li-ion battery riding zero-turn mowers — which have run times up to 6 HOURS and are on the market TODAY — just check out Mean Green Machines CXR 52″ and 60″ > Keep up the great reviews, PTR. Cheers!

@meangreenmowers, @agzainfo