Spyder Jigsaw Blade Kits for Wood, Metal, and Multi-Material

Spyder Jigsaw Blades

Spyder’s Cobalt and Vanadium Blades Rip Through a Menagerie of Materials

The Spyder jigsaw blade kits come in a variety of design and packaging configurations. And, with an 8% cobalt and chrome vanadium blend, these blades from Spyder Tools should have the requisite strength for tackling wood, nail-embedded wood, steel, non-ferrous metal, PVC and more.

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Cobalt Blend Jigsaw Blades

The use of a cobalt blend intrigues us because it resists heating up. Manufacturers use cobalt in the best drill bits for metal as they last longer and hold an edge better. An 8% blend matches that of those found in more expensive M42 cobalt drill bits. These seem to go beyond the simple bi-metal blade designs we more commonly see. When we see cobalt used in steel, it typically means we expect to see performance closer to what we might expect with carbide teeth.

As Spyder designed some of these blades for metal-cutting, that has our interest piqued.

A Variety of Spyder Jigsaw Blade Kits

The Spyder Jigsaw Blade Kits come in a variety of flavors to tackle your variety of needs. Now, they come in 5-, 10-, and 12-piece multi-material kits. You also have 5-piece wood-cutting and metal-cutting kits available.

Spyder has a variety of cutting innovations tied into these kits. These unorthodox designs can help you cut cleaner and faster, curvier, or straighter. For instance, some blades feature double-cutting edges, and some feature vents to reduce heat build-up.

The only thing noticeably absent (for now) is reverse-tooth blades. These work best when you want the cut to occur on the downstroke—protecting the top surface of the wood.

Pricing and Availability

The Spyder Jigsaw Blade kits are available from Lowe’s hardware stores across the US. You’ll find them in the tool section and on display near the Lowe’s Pro Desk.

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