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Manufacturer: Spyder Tools

Spyder Mach-Blue Driver Bits

Mach-Blue Plating Strengthens Spyder Driver Bits Whether you’re a Pro or a DIYer, you want your tools to last as long as possible. On the other hand, you expect to replace consumable accessories. With Spyder Mach-Blue driver bits, Spyder promises to lessen breakage so you’re spending less on replacements. Spyder Mach-Blue Driver Bits: The Big […]

Spyder Stinger Mach-Blue Bits

Spyder Stinger Mach-Blue Drill Bits

Spyder Mach-Blue Drill Bits Outlast Titanium Bits in Metal Drilling by Up to 100 Times Exclusive to Lowe’s, the Spyder Stinger Mach-Blue high-speed steel bits for wood and metal drilling showcase the pinnacle of Spyder performance. These bits act as the billboard for Spyder’s Mach-Blue “armor plating”, a material that not only lends the bits […]

Spyder STINGER Power Auger Bits

Spyder STINGER Power Bits

Spyder Stinger Wood-Boring Bits Excel in Finish Carpentry and Rough Construction Spyder has added some more wood-boring bits for Pros. The Spyder Stinger Power Bits complement the line of spade and auger bits with some unique features of their own. Making fast and clean cuts with less drain on your battery, these bits make a […]

Spyder Diamon Edge Cut Off Wheel

Spyder Segmented Diamond Grinder Blades

Spyder 5″ and 7″ Segmented Diamond Grinder Blades Cut Through Almost Anything In addition to the original 4-1/2-inch Spyder diamond edge cut-off wheels, Spyder now has 5″ and 7″ segmented diamond grinder blades available. With a diamond abrasive cutting surface, these Spyder grinder wheels can quickly cut through just about any material. Diamonds are a […]

Spyder Jigsaw Blades

Spyder Jigsaw Blade Kits for Wood, Metal, and Multi-Material

Spyder’s Cobalt and Vanadium Blades Rip Through a Menagerie of Materials The Spyder jigsaw blade kits come in a variety of design and packaging configurations. And, with an 8% cobalt and chrome vanadium blend, these blades from Spyder Tools should have the requisite strength for tackling wood, nail-embedded wood, steel, non-ferrous metal, PVC and more. […]

Spyder Tarantula Circular Saw Blades

Spyder Fine-Finish 7-1/4-inch Tarantula Circular Saw Blades

Spyder Tarantula Circular Saw Blades Clean Up Spyder Tarantula 40-tooth and 60-tooth ultra-fine finish saw blades deliver more options beyond simple framing saw blades. They also added nickel-cobalt teeth, claiming 6 times longer life over conventional carbide saw blades. Spyder Tarantula Saw Blades Features With 40- and 60-tooth blades joining the lineup of Spyder fine-finish […]

Spyder Black-Series Reciprocating Saw blades

Spyder Black Series Reciprocating Saw Blades with Cobalt

Black Series Bi-Metal Blades Take on Tough Cutting Tasks Spyder has launched the Black Series reciprocating saw blades that the brand has designed to take on the toughest cutting applications. These aggressive and durable blades, Spyder claims, cut up to 3 times faster and 10 times longer than standard bi-metal blades. Spyder Black Series Features […]

Spyder Stinger Spade Bit Review

Spyder Stinger Spade Bit Review

Spyder Stinger Spade Bit Drops Bosch Daredevil in Speed Tests Spyder is forging a name for itself by driving deeper into the power tool accessories category. Making it in a competitive space means more than just producing a product—it has to perform. We tested the Spyder Stinger spade bit against Bosch’s Daredevil and Irwin’s next-gen […]

Spyder Auger Bit

Spyder Stinger Auger Bits Review

Spyder Stinger Auger Bits Punch Through Nail-Embedded Wood, Not Your Budget When it comes to boring holes, spade bits are cheap and fast. But it’s tough to beat the smooth drilling action of an auger bit, especially if you’re in danger of hitting nails. We chucked up Spyder Stinger auger bits into one of our […]

Spyder Circular Saw Blades

Spyder Circular Saw Blades – Premium Quality 7-1/4″

Spyder Circular Saw Blade Set to Compete Against Diablo, Milwaukee, and Others Spyder Tools is expanding deeper into the cutting accessories sector and isn’t planning to sit on the sidelines as a backup option. The Spyder circular saw blade boasts the same kind of premium features we see from Diablo, Milwaukee, and other premium manufacturers. […]