May 6, 2021

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Hilti 22V Battery Packs

Hilti 22V Battery Pack Video Overview

If you followed us through World of Concrete, you know there are new Hilti 22V battery packs running around. While that’s exciting, it may also be concerning for current 18V users. Should you expect to buy into a brand new battery platform to stay with future Hilti cordless tools? The good news is you won’t. […]

Milwaukee 9.0 Vs DeWalt FlexVolt

Milwaukee 9.0 Vs DeWalt FlexVolt

Without a doubt, two of the biggest battery-related news items this year have been the DeWalt FlexVolt and the Milwaukee 9.0 Amp Hour RedLithium batteries. It’s reignited the debate between the need for higher voltage and greater amp hour capacity to extend cordless possibilities on the jobsite. When it comes to Milwaukee 9.0 vs DeWalt […]

Bosch EneRacer battery technology

Bosch Eneracer Battery Technology

Bosch has introduced a new GBA 18V 6.3 Ah battery with Eneracer technology (in Germany). Eneracer is an all new (for Bosch) battery that delivers up to 90% more run time as well as improved life. The enhanced runtime is due to the use of larger 20mm x 70mm cells. Life expectancy is increased because the new Bosch Eneracer battery utilizes their CoolPack 2.0 cooling system that reduces […]

Makita 6.0 amp hour battery

Makita 6.0 Amp-Hour Ah Battery

Makita 6.0 Amp Hour Battery Surges LXT Capacity to 108 Watt Hours When it comes to cordless tools, the battery you’re using matters. It’s not just the voltage, however. The available amp-hours help you calculate the total battery capacity. This represents the “fuel” that runs your favorite Makita (or other) tool. From simple drills and impact […]

Hitachi Tools Europe - Hitachi 18V Cordless Brushless Tool Family

Game-Changing Hitachi Cordless Tools Spotted in Europe

New Hitachi Cordless Tools Hint at a Comeback It’s no secret that Hitachi seems to have fallen behind in the realm of professional level cordless power tools. Their strength has been in a loyal customer base and a physical design that is near the top in grip and feel. The power hasn’t been there as […]

lithium-ion battery warning label

Why Hoverboard Batteries Exploded and Power Tools Do Not

I was recently a guest on the Pro Construction Guide podcast and talked about some of the cool new tools that have hit the market. One reader responded with a great question, essentially asking why hoverboard batteries exploded but power tools have not. I thought I’d include it here for our readers since it’s such a great question. Question from PCG reader […]

Ridgid Black Friday

Deal Alert! Ridgid Black Friday Sales Begin Now!

Ridgid Black Friday Deals Start Now and Continue on Friday! You can go ahead and pick up some of your gifts early at The Home Depot with Ridgid Black Friday sales. Personally, I’m a fan – get great deals on tools that come with a Lifetime Service Agreement (including batteries) and sleep in next Friday. Okay, […]

Makita Batteries Upgraded

Makita Batteries Now Have Charge Indicator

Makita Batteries Are Receiving an LED Charge Indicator Upgrade I noticed something new and wonderful at the GIE Expo when we visited the Makita booth. No, it wasn’t the 18V Coffee Maker. I have to admit that I didn’t contain my excitement very well on that one though. No, it was the very obvious presence […]