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Bosch Core18V Battery Video Review

The Bosch Core18V Battery is certainly a hot topic of conversation among PTR Pros. The jump up to 20700 lithium-ion cells and a new pack design has people wondering how far this battery will take the brand.

We’ve had some time to compare this 6.3 amp hour model to Bosch’s standard 6.0 amp hour battery with 18650 cells in it. There are some bold claims coming from Bosch about the performance enhancement you get from the new battery. And we did see some improvement. But just how much more can you expect?


Take a look at the video for the details. But if you’d rather read about it, click here for our written review.

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Bosch CORE18V Battery Features

  • Greater power (up to 43%) than previous generation Bosch batteries
  • Longer runtime
  • Updated CoolPack technology for better heat transfer
  • Compatible with all Bosch 18V tools and chargers


Bosch CORE18V Battery Specifications

  • Item number: GBA18V63
  • Voltage: 18V
  • Amp hours: 6.3
  • Fuel gauge
  • Temperature usage: to -4F
  • Price: $149

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