Bosch PS11-2A 12V Angle Drill Tool Reviews by Tool

Bosch PS11-2A 12V Angle Drill Preview

Bosch doesn’t like leaving things alone – and it rarely considers anything “good enough”. That’s apparently what happened when they developed this new tool. The new Bosch PS11-2A 12V Angled Drill Driver takes their existing 12V Max I-Driver and mates it with the chuck of their newest PS31-2A 3/8″ 12V Drill/Driver. Now you get a 3/8″ drill that has a 5-position articulating head. The adjustable head allows the standard keyless chuck to move from 90 degrees to 180 degrees in 5-steps, providing almost limitless flexibility for when you find yourself working in close quarters.


Bosch PS11-2A 12V Angle Drill Features

What’s a tad unique about the PS11-2A Angle Drill/Driver is that it’s, well, up-to-date. It comes with an integrated 2-LED worklight that is mounted to the top of the chuck and adequately illuminates whatever work area you are focusing the tool on. Squeeze the trigger and the light comes on. Move the chuck and the light follows. Bosch also updated the form factor to include a battery gauge on the lower part of the body. This is a must-have feature and we’re glad to see it on all f the new 12V tools from the company.

The 3/8-inch “auto lock” chuck is nothing new, but it’s great to have the ability to utilize non-1/4″ hex bits as needed. The PS11-2A seems perfectly suited for pre-drilling cabinets for hardware and mounting. The 115 in-lbs rating also means it should be able to handle larger screws and get some serious jobs done without losing steam. Electricians will love it for drilling through studs and running both high- and low-voltage cabling. The PS11-2A 12V Max Angle Drill/Driver weighs just 2-3/4 lbs, is extremely compact, and comes with the same rubberized overmold that we’ve come to love from Bosch’s 12V Max line of tools.

The PS11-2A’s variable speed trigger will crank the RPMs anywhere from 0-1300 and the high torque is coupled with Bosch’s ECP (Electronic Cell Protection) so your run-time is maximized while your motor is protected against overload.


You can pick up the  12V Max Angle Drill/Driver as the PS11-2A, which includes 2 batteries, the 30 minute charger, and a soft carrying case, or you can grab the PS11B which is a tool-only model. The kit retails for around $149.

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