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Stryder Ratchet Straps Review – UX, RX, SX Models

Stryder ratchet straps

I’m just going to say it: Stryder ratchet straps are what ratchet straps should have always been. And no, they didn’t pay me to say that. In fact, they didn’t pay me anything. Stryder sent us three models of their 500 series straps to review. Their reimagining of the ratchet strap combines a traditional product with a sort of cord reel. The result is that their UX and RX models allow you to retract the strap back into the built-in storage when you’re done. We thought the Gear Armour side loading ratchet strap was innovative—and it was—but this takes things to the next level.

It’s revolutionary. And it’s simple.

Three Stryder Ratchet Straps to Choose From

Three levels of Stryder ratchet straps exist across the three main types. That makes nine total models (for now). They include the Stryder UX ratchet strap, the Stryder RX, and the Stryder SX. The SX is the entry-level model that stores the excess strap in a container rather than within an onboard spool. Each of the three lines come in either 300, 500, or 1000 pound WLL (working load limit). Let me break down the systems:

Stryder SX ratchet strap boxStryder SX Ratchet Straps

The “S” in Stryder SX ratchet straps stands for storage. These straps come in a translucent plastic bin that can interlock with other bins. In this way, you can easily store several of them in your truck—ready to go when you need them. The hooks are rubberized but other than having a container, they don’t differ much from your traditional ratchet strap.

  • Interlocking storage case
  • Rubberized hooks
  • Available in 300 lb WLL (10 ft), 500 lb WLL (12 ft), and 1000 lb WLL (14 ft) models

Stryder RX ratchet strap angledStryder RX Ratchet Straps

The Stryder RX ratchet straps focus on retractability. This is the first model which integrates the windable onboard strap storage. The hooks are still rubberized, but they don’t clip into place. Rather, you can use the included velcro band to hold the hooks in place once you’ve retracted the excess strap into the lockable spindle. With the Stryder RX system, you can begin to see this new concept take shape as you get a ratchet strap that fits easily into the hand and provides a much simpler way to retract and store the strap once you complete the job.

  • Lockable retraction system
  • Velcro band to secure rubberized hooks
  • Easy-grip handle
  • Available in 300 lb WLL (10 ft), 500 lb WLL (12 ft), and 1000 lb WLL (14 ft) models

Stryder UX ratchet strap angledStryder UX Ratchet Straps

The Stryder UX ratchet straps provide the best possible features and function. They combine the retractable system found in the RX line with additional features like interlocking clips and snap-in hooks. This premium model really shines as a ratchet strap and remains my favorite. The ratcheting mechanism has an easy-grip plastic overmold as well, making it simpler to use.

  • Lockable retraction system
  • Snap-in rubberized hooks
  • Easy-grip handle
  • Interlocking design
  • Available in 300 lb WLL (10 ft), 500 lb WLL (12 ft), and 1000 lb WLL (14 ft) models
  • Price: $38 (UX500) and $43 (UX300)
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Using the Stryder 500-Series Ratchet Straps and Conclusion

I won’t belabor the point. These ratchet straps are excellent. They take a little getting used to, but I quickly learned their peculiarities. For one, you need to keep back a little bit of strap within the retraction system. That’s where the strap will pull from in order to tighten down the strap. I made the mistake of letting all of the length out at first. If this happens to you, you’ll want to step up to the next size strap for longer length.

Stryder ratchet strap mulch

I used the Stryder UX 500 to tie down an entire pallet of mulch from the local big box store. That’s 65 bags or 130 cubic feet. Weight was likely anywhere north of 2000 pounds as the mulch was fairly damp. Given the fact that I was using my Ford F-150 to transport the pallet, I wanted to ensure the load didn’t shift. Even though I didn’t bottom-out the 2015 F-150, I was concerned that the sheer height of the pallet would present a potential for disaster if it moved.

Stryder Ultimate ratchet strap

Eventually, I used a total of three straps. Two secured the load from shifting laterally, and one (a traditional ratchet strap) overhead to keep the load forward. I also used the straps to move a Stok Quattro 4-burner gas grill and an electric wheelbarrow. Each time it was simple to set up and quick to store.

Stryder compared standard ratchet strap

The straps held securely, and the primary pressure points seem to be on the secure metal mechanisms. All that plastic doesn’t mean these straps are going to break under strain. When I was done, sliding the red plastic lock to the left and using my finger to spin up the excess strap was all it took to reset the strap for the next job.

Stryder UX ratchet strap CU


The only negative thing I can say about Stryder ratchet straps is also the most embarrassing: I don’t yet have pricing or purchase information. This rare exception to my normal review policy came about because I felt this product truly presents a unique and revolutionary evolution of a product we took for granted. The UX 500 straps can be found on Amazon here and are $44 for a pair. The UX300 straps are $23 for a pair. We can’t help but think it won’t take much time before we see them at independent dealers and possibly even big box stores. Unlike most of those kinds of products, this truly represents a shift in design for one of the more common accessories we all use. As such, we thought it was worth reporting on and even previewing.

Stryder ratchet strap models

Let us know what you think in the comments below. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this new ratchet strap design.

Get more info on Stryder ratchet straps here.

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They’re $43 and $23 EACH. Not per pair


they’re on amazon now – at least, the 3 varieties in 12×1″ 500lb wll, anyway. $44, $37, and $15 per pair for the UX, RX, SX. other sizes not listed yet.


While these ones do look good, I’ve had retractable ratchet straps for a couple years now…how are these better?

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