October 18, 2021

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MiTek TECO Collated Nails

MiTek TECO collated nails

MiTek TECO Collated Nails Make Identification Easier

MiTek TECO collated nails are the newest from MiTek Builder Products. These paper collated nails are color-coded and head-stamped for easy identification of the nails’ length and diameter. The unique color-coding and head-stamping identification system of these nails help building inspectors or managers determine if the right nail has been used without having to remove one for inspection. Additionally, new MiTek TECO collated nails deliver job site productivity and efficiency. Since nails are identified, it lessens the chance of error and makes the inspection process easier.

The nail identification system from MiTeck  is pretty straightforward. MiTek’s TECO bright nails feature a color to indicate the nail length and a numeric head-stamp to indicate the nail diameter. The purple color indicates 1-1/2″ nail, and blue color indicates 2-1/2″ nail. The #3 head stamps indicates a 0.131-inch diameter, #4 indicates a 0.148-inch diameter, and #6 indicates 0.162-inch diameter. The “H” head stamp indicates that it’s a bright nail.

“MiTek TECO nails allow for easier, more accurate, fastener selection for framers, so they always get the right nail the first time. Now, with MiTek TECO, we offer a dramatic improvement in the way that nails are identified in the field, lessening the chance for error and making the inspection process easier.”

– Brent Kreutzer, MiTek TECO brand manager

Aside from the bright nails, there are MiTek TECO hot-dip galvanized nails that feature a letter stamp on the head to indicate lengths, A for 1-1/2″ and E for 2-1/2″ along with the numeric head stamp to identify the nail diameter. Also available in the MiTek TECO identification system are stainless steel nails.

The MiTek TECO bright, hot-dip galvanized, or stainless steel nails can be installed with the majority of the popular 33-degree paper tape pneumatic nail guns including the plus or minus 2-degrees. These nails are also certified by ASTM F1667 (ASTM A153) and have been evaluated by ICC-ESR 3768 – 2015 and 2012 IRC/IBC.

MiTek TECO nails

“There are a ton of nail sizes and varieties out there, but I love that MiTek intentionally went after the most frequently used nails first. It’s clearly a time saver for mangers and inspectors while helping tradesmen reduce mistakes. It would be nice this identification system expanded and standardized for the industry. I’d also love to see MiTek move this to collated screws as well.”

-Kenny Koehler, Pro Tool Reviews Managing Editor

We don’t know if this indication of nails will ever be part of the building code or will be the next big trend though the guys certainly thinks this is a great idea.

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