May 18, 2021

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Kett KD-1493 Fiber-Cement Shears

Kett KD-1493 Fiber-Cement Shears

If you haven’t head that OSHA has reduced silica dust exposure limits to 20% of the 2015 standard, well, they have. Airborne risks to your employees in the form of dust have been on the radar as a preventable source of long term exposure issues for a while now and the regulations are beginning to flow. Kett KD-1493 Fiber-Cement Shears address the need to reduce or eliminate airborne dust when working with fiber cement board, siding, and backer.

The Kett KD-1493 gets around much of the dust produced by circular saws by simply moving to a center blade position with shearing action instead of using a spinning blade. The shearing action still creates debris (and there’s not way to connect your dust extractor at this point), but it’s more coarse and doesn’t fill the air the same way a saw blade’s teeth kick it up.


“The KD-1493 Fiber-Cement Shear gives contractors and installers a faster, cleaner alternative for cutting cement board and siding with virtually no airborne dust left behind.”

– Kathy Conlon, president of Kett Tool Company

Kett KD-1493 Fiber-Cement Shears are available through authorized dealers. See below for more features and specifications, or visit their site.

Kett KD-1493 Fiber-Cement Shears Key Features

  • Shearing action reduces airborne dust compared to a saw
  • Replaceable A‐2 tool steel shear blades
  • Cuts 1/2 inch maximum material thickness
  • Rated to cut fiber-cement, cement siding, and backer board
  • Minimum cutting radius of 10 inches for curves


  • Model: Kett KD-1493
  • Motor: 5-amp
  • RPM: 0‐2500
  • Power Source: 120-volts AC
  • Shear Head: 93‐20 steel
  • Cutting Speed: 43 inches per minute
  • Maximum Material Thickness: 1/2 inch
  • Length: 15 inches
  • Weight: 4.5 pounds

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The Bottom Line

With regulations like OSHA’s new silica dust exposure limits taking center stage, airborne dust control is going to be more important. Kett KD-1493 Fiber-Cement Shears deliver excellent cutting speed while creating debris that’s less likely to float around in the air. There’s still room for improvement as there’s no way to connect a dust extractor yet.

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