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The Maxxeon WorkStar 620 headlamp provides a lot of flexibility, output, and value. I'm not sure what more you could want in a good LED headlamp.

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Having looked at and reviewed several LED headlamps over the years, like the Coast FL60 headlamp and the Coast HL8 headlamp, we wanted to see how the new Maxxeon WorkStar 620 headlamp would stand up under intensive use and wear. A couple distinguishing features set this headlamp apart form the crowd. First, like a good LED flashlight, the Maxxeon WorkStar 620 (model MXN00620) has an adjustable zoom lens that aries the LED output from spot to flood. It also uses a pair of standard 3.7V cell-style Lithium-ion batteries that get  inserted into the holder affixed to the rear of the headlamp assembly. Finally, the Maxxeon 620 has three light output levels so that you’re not forced to use all of the lumens when all you need is longer run-time and less output.

Maxxeon WorkStar 620 Headlamp Features

While I glossed over the majority of features in the introduction, there’s more to be said about what Maxxeon has to offer in the WorkStar 620 headlamp. Because this is a serious lens and LED lighting system attached to your head, Maxxeon opted for a triple head strap to give you an over-the-top support for helping balance and carry the load. When I first put on the headlamp I had the straps too tight, resulting in my leaving marks on my forehead from the ribbed plastic housing. A quick adjustment, however, put the majority of the weight on the top strap (where it belongs) and left me in a much more comfortable situation. In fact, after I adjusted the system, I hardly felt it. I do recommend a hat, however, as the top strap will bisect your hair like a grizzly bear plowing through a corn field.


Maxxeon 2800mAh Li-ion batteriesThe two included batteries are 2800 mAh 3.7V lithium-ion cells (the reliable model 18650) which are recharged by keeping them in the case and plugging in the included charger to the available port. The port has a handy rubber cover to keep it safe from the elements, and the red/green LED indicator will show you when it’s receiving a charge and when it’s completed. The charger only outputs 500 mA, so it takes around 4 hours to get a full charge. If you’re in a pinch, the included USB cable can also be connected to a laptop or other USB device to power the recharging process. Since the headlamp can operate for up to 8 hours, the 4 hour recharge shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Here are the expected run times and lumen output for the Maxxeon 620 Technician’s headlamp:

  • Low – 150 lumens – 8 hours
  • Medium – 300 lumens – 4 hours
  • High – 600 lumens – 2 hours

Cree Xlamp XM-L LEDThe output lumens of this 10W Cree-LED are rated as “out the front” (OTF) light, which basically means they tested it using a method yielding slightly lower (but more real-world) numbers than the ANSI recommended procedure. Most typically, OTF measurements utilize a light sphere.

The head strap included with the Maxxeon WorkStar 620 headlamp is fully adjustable, and it comes with 4 hard hat clips to easily affix it to your protective gear when you’re on a construction site and still need some directional light on your work space.

Using the Maxxeon WorkStar 620 Headlamp

Maxxeon WorkStar 620 headlamp LEDOperating the Maxxeon WorkStar 620 headlamps as easy as pressing the button on the back of the battery pack. The headlamp starts in Low and continuous presses cycle the light into Medium, High, and Off. The aluminum button wobbles around a bit, but it seemed easy enough to use. There are four pivot positions for the headlamp, including one that points it down directly in font of you—perfect for when you don’t need to blind everyone else, but simply find your way in the dark. I typically had it in the second position, as the most comfortable position of the headlamp (for me) was to have it riding higher on my forehead.


The beam this Maxxeon LED headlamp throws is impressive. It can go from a 1:1 wide flood (1 foot wide at 1 foot away) to a nice tight 6:1 ratio where the beam is just 2″ wide at 1 foot away (or a 1 foot wide spot at 6 feet). Adjusting the beam was simple, and the headlamp stayed in place while I pulled and pushed it to the desired zoom.

Maxxeon WorkStar 620 headlamp lens

I really like this headlamp. The Maxxeon 620 (model MXN00620) is indeed a great LED headlamp for technicians. It’s lightweight (just 11 ounces), well distributed, bright (when it needs to be), and recharges without having to remove the batteries. About the only thing I could ask for is the ability to recharge it faster (or with higher current to take advantage of 2.1A USB outputs). Still, with 150 lumens giving you 8 hours of run-time, I’m not sure charging time is really much of an issue. We haven’t done any endurance testing yet, but the included lithium-ion batteries should give you years of use, and you can replace them inexpensively when the time comes. The Maxxeon WorkStar 620 headlamp is a win overall, and at less than $42 retail, it’s also a lot cheaper than many lesser quality alternatives.

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The cables are inferior.
Extension cable broke immediately and where cable enters battery box is now broken.
This unit has light use since April 2017, Maxxeon needs to fix the cable problem.
Focus is so stiff it takes two hands.
It would be a good value if these 2 issues were fixed

Steve Anthony Von Wald
Steve Anthony Von Wald

I have gone through 1 early version of the 620 head light and on my second new version.. Same issue . The wires break where it enters the battery pack . It needs some sort of strain relief at that point !!!!!!!!!! I am going to put a dab of silicone around the wire at the battery and hope that helps ,, Other than that serious fault great light !!

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