Southwire Phone Pouch: Protect Your Technological Assistant

Southwire Phone Pouch Does a Lot More Than Just Hold Your Phone

Your cell phone is likely one of the more expensive pieces of technology that you carry around with you day in/day out. Why not protect it as much as possible? The Southwire cell phone pouch ensures that, even on the job, your phone stays secure and accessible.

10-Second Summary

  • Model: CPCH-Plus
  • Fits plus size devices
  • Magnetic flap provides secure closure
  • Front pocket for storing business cards
  • Bottle opener with small cutting edge
  • Rotatable belt clip
  • Price: $19.07 (regular size ~$18)

Security on the Job

It never ceases to amaze me that some folks don’t have a problem dropping 1K on the newest cell phone on the market, but balk at the idea of spending another 20 bucks on a case to keep it from getting banged up or broken. Especially when it comes to taking your phone to the jobsite, you’d think you’d want to keep your investment as secure as possible, and not at risk of falling out of a pocket. Or colliding face-first into a tool on your belt. Or getting sprayed with who knows what.

Really, there are plenty of ways we can ruin our expensive phones, but the Southwire Phone Pouch mitigates some of that risk for less than $20 bucks. It includes a few features that might make your life a little easier off the job, too.

Size and Security

The Southwire Phone Pouch fits your plus-size phones. I’ve got an iPhone 7 Plus, and even with the slim case on, it fits into the pouch pretty easily. A magnetized flap fold over and snaps shut to keep the phone from becoming a drop risk, or from sliding out of my pocket onto the floor when I’m on my back working on something.

Southwire Large Phone Pouch

Southwire has constructed the outer lining from durable polyester that feels like it can take a fair amount of abrasion. The (faux?) leather inner lining keeps your phone from scrapes and scratches, and it’s easy to wipe down when it starts to get gunky.

Front Pocket & Functionality

The Southwire Phone Pouch also includes a few features that ramp up the functionality. A front pocket seems like an ideal place to store business cards or small notepad.

Elastic straps hold the case together. Not only do they provide some flex for thicker phones, but I’ve found that it’s a good place to store a pen or two.

Southwire Large Phone Pouch

Finally, Southwire has also included a bottle opener that can be tucked away. You won’t always be on the job, and having an easy way to crack that beer at the end of the day is never a bad thing. Plus, the bottle opener features a small cutting edge. You can strip wire with it in a pinch, but it’s not exactly a primary option. Still, it doesn’t hurt to have it around.

Rotating Belt Clip

The hard plastic belt clip wraps around the width of your belt to provide an extra layer of security.

It also rotates with a variety of stops that keep the pouch securely in place. Keeping your phone stored sideways on your belt is a definite possibility for those that are going for more of a quick draw approach. In any case, you can position it however you want.



The Southwire Phone Pouch is available for less than $20, and it comes with a 2-year warranty. It works with iPhone 6 Plus through 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, Note 7, and other similarly sized phones.

If plus-size phones aren’t your thing, but keeping your phone secure still is, Southwire also makes a pouch for regular-sized phones that carries over the same design/feature set. We found one on Amazon for $17.72.

Southwire Phone Pouch Specs

  • Model: CPCH-Plus
  • Height: 9.65″
  • Width: 1.5″
  • Length: 5.12″
  • Weight: 0.45 lbs
  • Warranty: 2-year
  • Price: $19.07
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