October 19, 2021

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Milwaukee M12 7.8KP Thermal Imager

Milwaukee M12 7.8KP Thermal Imager in use

Milwaukee M12 7.8KP Thermal Imager Claims Best in Class Sensor Resolution

Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2015 Winner

Combining temperature data with a visual thermal image is a powerful way to gather the data you need, and these products are starting to drop in price even as they add more features and technology. Whether you’re looking for energy leaks, diagnosing problems in electrical panels, or seeking out trouble areas on an engine, thermal imaging takes it to another level. The Milwaukee M12 7.8KP Thermal Imager boasts best in class sensor resolution of 7.8 kilopixels (102 x 77 pixels—hence the name) viewed on a 320 x 240 pixel LCD display.

Automatically grabbing the low and high temperature from its field of view, pictures are saved on the included 8 GB SD card. Memory can be expanded by swapping it out for another card (up to 32 GB sizes are supported). Once you have your picture stored, it can be uploaded onto Milwaukee’s Thermal Imaging Reporting Software—which seems to gel well with the new Milwaukee One-Key suite of tools.

Milwaukee M12 7.8KP Thermal Imager Features

IR thermometers, including thermal imaging models, often have a 12:1 distance to spot ratio, meaning for every 12 inches away from an object, your instrument averages a temperature area of 1 square inch. The Milwaukee M12 7.8KP Thermal Imager features an 83:1 ratio, keeping you at a safer distance in hazardous situations or where access is challenging. Dual lasers help you see exactly where the camera is looking to more easily frame your shot around problem areas. Dual Sense Technology is built into the camera as well. This allows each pixel to be optimized where hot and cold zones interact and tend to blur. We got to use the new Milwaukee 2258-21 thermal imager at the 2015 Milwaukee Media Event, and it was extremely easy to use, and could detect anything from water leaks to poorly sealed air conditioning vents.

Milwaukee M12 7.8KP Thermal Imager lasers
Milwaukee M12 7.8KP Thermal Imager LCD

Just because it’s an instrument doesn’t mean Milwaukee didn’t make it NBHD tough. The new Milwaukee M12 7.8KP thermal imager is built to withstand a 6 foot drop. It also comes with a head cover that offers additional protection when not in use. Since it’s part of the M12 family, the Milwaukee 2258-21 thermal imager runs on any of the M12 (12V) batteries currently available.

Milwaukee M12 7.8KP Thermal Imager

Milwaukee M12 7.8KP Thermal Imager Specifications:

Milwaukee M12 7.8KP Thermal Imager
  • Model: 2258-21
  • Sensor Resolution: 102 x 77
  • Temperature Range: 14°F to 626°F
  • On-Screen Measurement Distance-to-Spot: 83:1
  • Screen Size: 2.4”
  • Available Color Palettes: Rainbow, Ironbow, Grayscale
  • Adjustable Emissivity: 0.1 – 0.99 by .01
  • Image File Type: .PNG, .DAT
  • File Transfer: SD Card, Micro-USB
  • Runtime: 10+ hours
  • Includes: 2258-21 M12 7.8KP thermal imager, 8 GB memory card, USB cable, M12 RedLithium battery, 30-minute M12 charger, owner’s manual, statement of calibration, and soft case.
  • Price $499
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Available: December 2015

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