Husqvarna World of Concrete Unveilings

Husqvarna unveiled the new PRIME product line at World of Concrete Show in January. The PRIME family of tools is designed as high performance electric cutting equipment. At the core of the engineering concept, and to create the acronym “PRIME”, is the concept to make these tools Powerful, Revolutionary, Intelligent, Modular, and Electric. Husqvarna certainly has an interesting concept with the design of the power supply in this family by keeping it separate from the vibrating motor and giving it the ability to run as 3-phase or 1-phase. Most of these products will not be available until the second quarter and while I don’t have the time and space to give as much detail into introducing these tools as much as I’d like, here’s a brief overview of what to be on the lookout for in the next couple of months.

Husqvarna K 6500

The main draws of the 6500 K includes a built in intelligence system that optimizes power and efficiency on cuts, an adjustable water flow control for wet cutting, an LED load indicator to warn the user against motor overload, and the PP65 fuel source that is separate from the tool.

K 6500


  • Motor: Electric High Frequency
  • Power: 3-phase (7.4 hp/5.5 kW) or 1-phase (4 hp/3 kW)
  • Blade Diameter: 16 inches
  • Cut Depth: 6 inches
  • Weight (without blade or fuel): 22 pounds

Husqvarna K 6500 Ring

The features and specs on the K 650o Ring are essentially identical to the K 6500, save for that it is Husqvarna’s Ring design with a smaller diameter blade, yet greater cut depth. It still features the same intelligence system, water flow control, LED load indicator, and fuel source.

K 6500 Ring


  • Motor: Electric High Frequency
  • Power: 3-phase (7.4 hp/5.5 kW) or 1-phase (4 hp/3 kW)
  • Blade Diameter: 14 inches
  • Cut Depth: 10 inches
  • Weight (without blade or fuel): 29 pounds

Husqvarna DM 650 Drill Motor

The DM 650 features an 18-step adjustable RPM range , a torque boost features that slows RPM to increase torque, a dust proof motor that is water cooled, shock proof design, the Elgard system to allow maximum drilling pressure without risk of overload, and an LED indicator to warn the user of potential overload.

DM 650


  • Power: 3-phase (8 hp/6 kW) or 1-phase (4 hp/3 kW)
  • Spindle Speed (no load): 125 – 250 RPM (3-phase) or 270 – 530 RPM (1-phase)
  • Spindle Thread: 1-1/4 inch 7 UNC
  • Max Drill Diameter with Stand: 25 inches
  • Weight: 31 pounds

Husqvarna WS 220

The WS 220 Wall Saw features the ability to run on 1-phase or 3-phase power, can change rotation direction to control water spray via wireless remote, has a lightweight, easy to install blade guard, symmetric track and carriage enabling sawing on both sides of the track, and a large display wireless remote that displays the saw’s current performance.

WS 220


  • Motor: High Frequency Electric
  • Power: 3-phase (8 hp/6 kW) or 1-phase (4 hp/kW)
  • Diamond Blade Size: 23 – 35 inches
  • Max Cutting Depth: 15 inches
  • Weight (Saw Head Only): 42 pounds

Husqvarna FS 7000 D and 5000 D

The 7000 D and 5000 D flat saw models from Husqvarna pack a big punch for those small to mid size jobs that meet the both US and European standards for emission. The 7000 D has a diesel oxidation catalyst while the 5000 D utilizes a particle filter for Tier 4 Final/Stage III B emission control. Available with either a 3 speed or 1 speed transmission, the flat saws offer a digital display making it easy to read engine output and adjust controls. There is also an available electronic blade clutch to instantly release the transmission.

Specs 7000D

  • Engine manufacturer: Duetz
  • Max output: 74 horsepower
  • Max blade diameter: 42 inches
  • Max cutting depth: 17-1/2 inches
  • Weight: 2,357 pounds
7000 D

Specs 5000 D

  • Engine manufacturer: Yanmar
  • Max Output: 48 horsepower
  • Max blade diameter: 36 inches
  • Max cutting depth: 15 inches
  • Weight: 1,760 pounds
5000 D

Husqvarna PP 65 Fuel Supply Specs

  • Power output: 8.7 hp/6.5 kW (3-phase), 4.7 hp/3.5 kW (1-phase)
  • Rated current: 10 amp (3-phase)/16 amp (1-phase)
  • Voltage: 180 – 530 (3-phase), 220 – 240 volts (1-phase)
  • Weight: 22 pounds
PP 65

Husqvarna PP 220 Fuel Supply Specs

  • Power output: 8.7 hp/6.5 kW (3-phase), 4.7 hp/3.5 kW (1-phase)
  • Rated current: 12 amp (3-phase)/16 amp (1-phase)
  • Voltage: 200 – 480 (3-phase), 220 – 240 volts (1-phase)
  • Weight: 22 pounds
PP 220

For more information, visit Husqvarna’s website and take a look at the video overview below.

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