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3 Comments on "Circuit Breaker Finders and Tracers Tested"

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10 months 7 days ago

Is it possible to use one of these to find a breaker that supplies florescent fixtures.That is from the bulb contacts without opening up that fixtures cover or finding the junction box and tapping into the 110.

Clint DeBoer
10 months 6 days ago

I’m guessing the light is out? Otherwise a couple cell phones and a helper might be easier for that. Many of these products are thrown off by fluorescents, so I’m not sure that’s a good application. Certainly the ones that require a two/three prong outlet won’t work for what you need.

J W McPhee
J W McPhee
10 months 25 days ago

I have to ask – did you actually test all of these units or just read the specs on them? Your verdict on all of them was about 7 or 8 out of 10. If you had tested each unit I would have expected that there would be a bit more detailed info regarding the actual performance.
Any insight, such as top 3 units of the ones listed (and why), and any to avoid?