Craftsman Evolv 101 Piece SAE and Metric Tool Set Review

Craftsman Evolv 101 Piece SAE and Metric Tool Set Review

The Craftsman Evolv 101 Piece SAE and Metric Tool Set is an ideal starter kit since it comes with decent tools to tackle most home owner’s tasks that require turning a wrench or tightening a bolt. With a pretty wide variety of sizes in both the sockets and wrenches, this set is a pretty good gift for the young person moving out on their own for the first time.

Bosch PS21-2A pocket driver

Bosch PS21-2A Pocket Driver Review

Bosch’s new PS21-2A 12V Pocket Driver improves significantly upon last year’s model (the PS20-2A). Suffice it to say, Bosch has completely re-engineered the guts of this driver, tripling its torque and shrinking its footprint by a striking amount. They also beefed up the lithium-ion battery, giving the tool a nice tweak in the power department and showing that Bosch is serious about its technology. The purpose of the tool is to fill the needs of all manner of users, from contractors who want a handy, portable driver, to homeowners looking to obtain a beefy, lightweight solution for all their small project needs.

Bosch Coil Roofing Nailer

Bosch Coil Roofing Nailer RN175 Review

Roofing nailers come in many sizes and shapes. Bosch’s Coil Roofing Nailer RN175 provides several advantages that we wanted to test out in the field. By evaluating it in practical use we hoped to see whether this relative newcomer could compete in a market that has been dominated by a relatively small number of stand-out manufacturers for a long time. The attraction of Bosch’s new line of pneumatic tools includes the advanced technology they use in order to eliminate a lot of the volume typically required in order to reset the tool during each firing of the pneumatic piston. In the case of the RN175, we found that while the tool absolutely has less girth than many competing products, the tool still overall has an equivalent heft and bulk to many of its competitors.

Bosch PS31-2A drill

Bosch PS31-2A 12V Lithium-Ion 3/8″ Drill Driver Review

Last year we put our hands on the Bosch PS40-2A 12V Impact Driver, which turned out to be a tool that packed a lot of punch in a small footprint. About a year later we’re getting to lay hold of some more miniature powerhouses, the first of which is the PS31-2A 3/8″ Cordless Drill/Driver. We’ve been big on the importance and sheer convenience these new 12V tools provide and it was great to be able to take Bosch’s newest product to the bench and on the jobsite to see what it could do.

Milwaukee 2645-22 M18 Cordless Jig Saw Review

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Jigsaw Review 2645-22

A jigsaw is one of those tools that, once you get used to using it, you never want to reach for a substitute. It’s also the kind of tool where a little heft isn’t such a bad thing, and build quality really contributes to both usability and control. When Milwaukee issued its cordless version of their already robust 6268-21 jig saw, we wondered if it would hold up to the rigors of serious jobsite abuse. It turns out that the M18 Cordless Jig Saw (2645-22) is more than up to the task of taking on even larger scale jigsaw jobs.

Fasco America SideWinder Windstrips Stapler Preview

Fasco America SideWinder Windstrips Stapler Preview

We personally discovered Fasco’s Windstrips products at the 2009 International Builders Show in Las Vegas. Windstrips were developed to allow contractors to quickly and easily install felt underlayment while simultaneously providing an advanced level of wind protection. When used with 30lb felt paper, a standard roll will protect approximately 800 sq. ft. of roof area. What Fasco didn’t have at that event was their new SideWinder Windstrips Installation Stapler. This tool is still under development by Fasco, but Pro Tool Reviews got our hands on one to use on a local roofing project. Yeah, we were excited too.

Porsadrill diamond drilling system

365Drills Porsadrill Diamond Drilling System Review

Drilling holes into tile is often a time consuming, frustrating experience. While tile saws, diamond saw blades and careful planning can reduce much of the hassle, there are simply many scenarios where you have to break down and put one right through the middle of a placed tile. Instead of this being a harrowing experience, filled with hours of planning, frustration and scratched tiles, Porsadrill aims to simplify the process with their diamond hole saws and anti-slip guide plate.