May 14, 2021

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Corded Saw Reviews

Corded saws are part of every jobsite that involves framing, trim, or carpentry work. Our corded saw reviews include miter saws, circular saws, jig saws, and table saws. We also review other types of cutting saws like tile saws and metal cutting tools. A saw always needs to be powerful, so we look for corded saws that cut without losing speed or power. More than that, however, a good saw will have plenty of cut capacity, and features that set it apart. That might be a rear fence with tall base support on a miter, or a great fence on a table saw. Corded Saw Reviews for Pros Our Best portable jobsite table saw shootout is a great example of the types of articles you can find here. A similar example is the Compact miter saw shootout. In terms of popular articles, try the Ridgid MS255SR 10-inch dual bevel miter saw review or check out 5 Essential Table Saw Safety Tips from the Pros.

Review7.8(out of 10)
Evolution Rage 2 TCT Multipurpose Chop Saw Profile

Evolution Rage 2 TCT Multipurpose Chop Saw

Third up in our series on metal cutting saws is the Evolution Rage 2. Like the Rage 3, this model pulls triple duty covering metal, wood, and PVC cutting, though its design and feature set certainly make it look more like a metal cutting saw than anything else. Like any tool designed for multiple uses, […]

Review8.2(out of 10)
Ridgid 14-Inch Abrasive Cut Off Machine Profile

Ridgid 14-inch Abrasive Cut Off Machine

What’s not to love about metal cut off machines? They’re like miter saws for metal and they make sparks! I realize that might not be the most professional viewpoint around, but sparks make most warm blooded males excited. We’re in the middle of a series on metal cutting chop saws in preparation for a super-secret project […]

Ridgid MS255SR Miter Saw Action 2 Web

How To Use A Miter Saw Like A Pro

Wisdom from the Pro to the Apprentice There are several types of joints that fasten two pieces at a 90 degree angle. For all other angles, a miter joint is required. We like that because it means we have an excuse to buy a new tool. Maybe you’ve seen the classic miter box for use with a […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Skilsaw Outlaw Metal Saw

Skilsaw Outlaw Worm Drive Metal Saw SPT78MMC-22

Skilsaw’s worm drive hand-held circular saws have been around for almost 100 years now. They were so widely used by the professional tradesman for so long that the word “Skilsaw” had become synonymous with “circular saw” (like Sawzall and the reciprocating saw). However, in recent years the Skil brand became diluted with stocking stuffer, multi-use, […]

Review8.2(out of 10)
Evolution Rage3 miter saw

Evolution Rage3 Miter Saw Review

We are kicking off a series on metal cutting. To be perfectly honest, we needed one metal cutting saw for the shop. By the time it was all said and done, we had seven. I’m not really sure how it all happened, but what I do know was that I now have a lot of writing to […]

Review8.7(out of 10)

Skilsaw Worm Drive Table Saw SPT70WT-22 Review

We’re in the beginning stages of preparing for a jobsite table saw shootout and one of the first models that has come in is the new Skilsaw Worm Drive Table Saw. There are plenty of reasons to be excited about it. First and foremost, it’s a worm drive and that means more torque. Note: Check […]

5 Essential Table Saw Safety Tips

5 Essential Table Saw Safety Tips from the Pros

Table saws are one of the most common and helpful tools in the workshops of both Pros and non-Pros alike. A healthy respect of all tools is important, but the need for it around the table saw’s large, spinning blade is obvious. We’ve written more extensively about table saw safety, but this is our concise guide of 5 essential […]

Review9.5(out of 10)
Ridgid MS255SR Miter Saw Feature Web

Ridgid MS255SR 10-inch Dual Bevel Miter Saw Review

Some will read this review wondering why a saw that’s been out for quite a few years gets a review in PTR. The Ridgid MS255SR 10-inch dual bevel sliding miter saw came out in 2012 and had a limited run that lasted up through 2014. But that was pretty much the last time anyone could […]

Review8.7(out of 10)
Ridgid 10-Inch Wet Tile Saw In Use - Stock

Ridgid 10-Inch Wet Tile Saw Review

The Ridgid 10-Inch Wet Tile Saw has been dubbed “The Beast” by the popular tool brand. There’s a pretty good reason for it – this thing is loaded with features and has a monster of a motor. As with most wet tiles saws, there are trade-offs to be made with many seasoned Pros offering their […]

Review8.4(out of 10)
Dewalt DWS709 Miter Saw In Action

DeWalt DWS709 12-Inch Miter Saw Review

Woodworking is a demanding endeavor that requires knowledge, skill, and the proper tools to be successful. Joinery that fits well does not happen by chance but is carefully calculated from concept to finish. One piece of machinery that is indispensable to this process is the compound miter saw. The dual bevel sliding compound saw has made […]