October 18, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

Test and Measurement Reviews

Our test and measurement reviews address those products suitable for electrical and mechanical evaluation and testing. When diagnosing systems and components, these tools are invaluable. They must also have the features and durability to work well on the jobsite. We review electrical tools like circuit testers, multimeters, clamp meters, video inspection cameras, IR thermometers, and more. Our goal is to help electricians know which tools will get the job done quickly. We test and evaluate all of the most recent and popular tools from Klein Tools, Southwire, Greenlee, FLIR, and others. This lets us reveal which tools perform at better-than-average levels. Test and Measurement Reviews in the Field It may sound odd to be “testing” test and measurement tools, however manufacturer specifications only tell part of the story. The newest smart multimeters are using Bluetooth technology, and even circuit breaker finders and clamp meters are getting smarter. Rather than rely on manufacturer specs and marketing materials, Pro Tool Reviews determines whether productivity features are beneficial or just marketing.

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FLIR C5 Compact Thermal Camera

FLIR C5 Compact Thermal Camera Review

Flir C5 Combines Pro Features with Cloud Connectivity The FLIR C5 Compact Thermal Camera promises sharper diagnostic data and maintenance time/cost savings. It features a 19,200-pixel imager, Multi-Spectral Dynamic imaging (MSX), and a 5-megapixel visual camera. It lets you easily make notations, upload images to the FLIR Ignite Cloud on WiFi, and quickly create reports. […]

Klein IR1 Infrared Thermometer

Klein IR1 Thermometer with Targeting Laser

Klein IR1 Presents Affordable Option for Pros Anyone who spends any time on the job troubleshooting motors, electrical equipment, HVAC, or other applications could use a good IR thermometer. And Klein has come up with another affordable solution. The Klein IR1 Infrared Thermometer features a wide temperature range and a targeting laser to grab readings […]

Fluke T6-1000

Fluke T6-1000 PRO Electrical Tester

Check Your Voltage and Current at the Same Time on the Same Screen The Fluke T6-1000 Pro Electrical Tester tests your voltage, up to 1000V AC, and your current up to 200A. It does all this through the open fork and without test lead contact to live voltage. All you have to do is ground […]

Bosch 12V Thermal Camera

Bosch GTC400C 12V Max Connected Thermal Camera

Bosch’s First Thermal Camera Measures Thermal Variances Easily The Bosch GTC400C 12V Connected Thermal Camera is the company’s first stab at thermal detection, yet Bosch tells us that it presents the best value in the market already. With its fast operation, camera features, and Connected connectivity, this “first effort” will help trade Pros easily measure, […]

Klein Entry-Level Digital Clamp Meters

Klein Entry-Level Digital Clamp Meters

Klein Redesign Makes Clamp Meters More Functional “New and Improved” might be the sort of designation that gets overused in marketing speak, but it seems appropriate with the redesigned Klein Digital Clamp Meters. Klein has revamped the line with a focus on improving the accessibility and function of these tools. New Improvements The Klein Entry-Level […]

klein Rechargeable Thermal Imager

Klein Tools TI250 Rechargeable Thermal Imager

Klein TI250 Thermal Imager Simplifies Troubleshooting The Klein TI250 Rechargeable Thermal Imager presents an affordable and simple troubleshooting solution for electricians, plumbers, HVAC techs, inspectors, and other trade Pros. With its LCD screen, the TI250 can quickly and easily suss out any potential maintenance issues. Running Hot and Cold With a sensor resolution of 10,800 […]

Klein Self-Leveling Green Cross Line Laser

Klein Self-Leveling Green Cross-Line Laser | 93LCLG

Klein Opts for Bright, Visible Green Laser Klein added the 93LCLG Self-Leveling Green Cross-Line Laser to its lineup of Pro measurement tools. Red lasers present better value for smaller spaces, but companies like Klein seem to be breaking ground with budget-friendly highly-visible green lasers. Key Features The most notable feature of the Klein Self-Leveling Green […]

Klein Scout Pro 3

Klein Scout Pro 3 Tester Starter Kit VDV501-851

Klein’s Next-Gen Scout Pro Tester Further Simplifies VDV Work Klein Tools has just introduced the Scout Pro 3 Tester, the newest model in their line of voice/data/video cable testing equipment. The new Klein Scout Pro 3 locates and tests coax, data, and telephone cables—like an all-in-one cable installation and troubleshooting solution. Initial Thoughts It’s rare […]

Fluke TiS60+ Thermal Camera

Fluke TiS60+ Thermal Camera with 320×240 Resolution

Fluke TiS60+ Thermal Camera Increases Resolution to 320×240 Resolution Fluke has released the TiS60+ Thermal Camera with increased infrared resolution to help simplify electrical, process control, HVAC, and building system troubleshooting. By increasing the resolution Fluke increased the camera’s ability to capture smaller differences in temperature from farther away. Like other high-resolution infrared cameras, the […]

Klein Tools Insulation Resistance Tester ET600

Klein Tools Insulation Resistance Tester ET600

Klein ET600 Helps Suss Out Insulation Issues Troubleshooting electrical issues can get tricky, but the Klein Insulation Resistance Tester can make the process a whole lot less ambiguous. The ET600 is perfect for electricians and maintenance Pros that install, troubleshoot, and maintain electrical wiring and equipment. What Klein Is Saying About the ET600 “A resistance […]