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Plott Carta Measuring and Mapping Wheel Review

Plott Digital Measuring Wheel Saves Time, Money, and Headaches

Plott, a company that builds innovative solutions for both the DIY and construction sectors, introduced Carta. The Plott Carta is a truly digital measuring wheel that connects to any smartphone via Bluetooth. By connecting the wheel to the Lets Plott app, you can quickly create an interactive map of your home projects.

Easy-Mode Cartography

The Plott Carta works in tandem with the “Plott-Creativity Into Reality” app, saving users time, money, and the frustrations associated with calculating measurements and costs.

With the Carta digital measuring wheel, you can draw out paths in real-time, adding notes, images, and videos within the app. The app records distance, area, and perimeter for any space or shape with a 99.98% rate of accuracy.

Further, the Plott Carta can calculate the materials needed as well as the total cost of a project within the app.

The Plott Carta digital measuring wheel features IP54 protection. With that, it should stand up to the types of dust and moisture you encounter on the jobsite. It also includes a holster to keep your phone secure while you work. A kickstand keeps the wheel upright when not in use.

Hands On

We found the Plott Carta Digital Wheel really easy to use straight out of the box. Set-up pretty much just revolves around assembling the wheel and handle, and then downloading the app to your smartphone.

Once you’ve got the telescoping handle extended to your desired length, open the app and pair the Plott Carta digital measuring wheel with your smartphone. It’s as easy as turning the wheel on and selecting your device when prompted.

After mounting your phone, hit the start button on the app. You can then begin walking the wheel forward. The app displays your current measurement at the top of the screen. You can select your preferred measurement units (feet, inches, yards, and meters). It’s easy to mark specific points along the way, and the program gives you the ability to take notes as you go.

You can also add background satellite images, as well as written notes and picture notes. Since your projects are shareable, other people on the project can see your notes and pictures, as well as your list of calculated materials.

The Plott Carta also features a Guide Mode that lets you retrace your steps to go back to your marked points.


You can pick up the Plott Carta Digital Measuring Wheel for around $139, either directly through the Plott website or through online retailers like Amazon. You can find other digital measuring wheels for less, but they don’t compare in terms of features and capabilities. If you want those advanced features, the Carta presents a compelling solution.

For more information about the Plott Carta, click here.

Plott Carta Digital Measuring Wheel Highlights

  • Measure: Create and design projects with the Lets Plott app
  • Calculate: Area, Material, and Cost in the app
  • Guidance: Takes you to real-world key points with a known starting point
  • Accuracy: 99.98% accurate
  • Measuring Units: Yards, feet, inches, and Meters
  • IP Rating: IP54
  • Price: $139

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